Dicker bump behind the ear! Help

I was Saturday night and saw then noticed that I have a ball directly behind the ear (size as a 2 cent piece)! Saturday did actually not hurt or so and Sunday it started to hurt .. As I got up Monday I noticed that the pain also upwards, thus encompassing eg if I want to make my hair clips purely doing it hurt ... this morning it did then hurt even more than yesterday and it also pulls slightly when I run or is a slight pressure behind my ear and when I touch the page where I have this "ball" it feels like as if on a bruise rum suppressed ...! What could that be? Is it dangerous? Should I still go to the doctor or wait and see?

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Sounds a bit like an abscess, ie an inflammation of the skin. The z. B. may have developed from a clogged sebaceous gland. I would therefore definitely go to the doctor, if only because in the vicinity of the ear and the head at all do not belong inflammation.

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