Did I heart problems?

Hello dear community Since one week I have the evening somehow heart problems. I was ever in the hospital there who also made ekg but only because I had heart sting. Most recently, my heart is beating normally then it hurts then I war no air and then it rushes total..es is always in the evening and so I think that it might be an abnormal heart rhythm but I'm not sure. What do you think ?

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That's with me every day so! I have been twice the cardiologist / cardiac physician / doctor heart! That's just a back strain (mostly)! If you are you but not sure prefer to go again to because if you get no air cardiologists ... well like I said, no one can tell you remotely diagnose something! All the best and good luck!

I have the same problem and also think that it is a herzrytmusstörung for me it happened but even so at noon undso but most evenings

Hey go once worked at a good physiotherapist of you. When a friend was also something they have tried everything possible to no avail. In the end, it was after the treatment away from the hotel physiotherapist.

Exactly what I once had with 14-15, in any case, it was sometimes it has strongly engraved and I could not breathe, best you are doing at this moment slowly and then exhale it goes away quickly. I had also who I was in bed on the side where my heart is stabbed it at once so I always put me in the back.

If someone died in some in your family hangs together with it.

I have made sport and plenty of water to drink since it is perfectly clear.

Go again to the doctor and let possibly make a Holter. Here probably sitting barely a cardiologist.

Go again to the doctor and make a long-term EKG

If you already were in the hospital, you are well informed. Here are just a hobby answerer.

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