Dies my dog ​​or how long you let him suffer?

Hello, our 15 year old German Shepherd has a herniated disc. The second is that he no longer wants to eat for a week and completely apathetic lying around. I was just the resident Ta and is not really discussed it. Has a couple of cortisone injections given and said if it does not get better you should save the dog. I do not understand why the Ta is not received eat at. Does this really what to do with the herniated disc. We just do not want the suffering our Rinaldo unnecessary.

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It would be more bearable if animals could talk, you do not know what is right or wrong ... and you are the animal from difficulties. As an outsider, one can well judge, since there are also. O nly the reason!

I'm even in this situation, my Dackelmix 8 Jr. young and been blinded by nerve damage about 1 1/2 years ago, now he can only hear in one ear (and not good) so that it no orientation has more. No matter what, he has brought, or are out. He looks so sad when it is truncated somewhere and does not move, because he does not know where in spite Call!

He eats more good sleeps and takes me for a walk ..... but very very slow, we cuddle a lot, but he's happy I do not believe ....... but I do not just want to send over the rainbow bridge it, because maybe it's not as bad as I feel it !? What should I do ... I'm more than sad about his condition!

I would love to hear from you any advice ...... Thanks

@ Dackelmann888

maybe you should read completely before you specify senseless comments the text, as is probably clear seh I was at the vet.

You other a thank you gave me very goes, Rinaldo is now on dwm way over the rainbow bridge.

bey Rinaldo youre the best friend ever, miss you

Your dog has reached an advanced age and pain. I would go with him to the vet, and catch me his opinion. You'll look but need to familiarize yourself with the thought that your dog must be put down. let him suffer not too long ... that does not deserve the faithful animal.

15 years that's really old for a German Shepherd!

That he does not eat most likely comes from the pain that he has by the slipped disc. He just lying around, is apathetic, has pain and does not eat, it is clear to me that one should redeem him better. I'm sure he had a good life, but now it's time to go. Will you continue to like him, so he will probably starve miserably ... At 15, it is ok if it is put to sleep. Be proud of yourself, the dog and its age, that's fine. But at some point you have to always separate ...

The dog is in pain, so he does not eat. Please go on the assumption that the dog is no longer recovered. At 15 he is a German Shepherd Methuselah. So bitter it is, following the advice of a veterinarian and let him sleep. on the seizure of the TA is not received because it is the most important thing is not at the moment, he would get up and running again, he would eat, then comes by itself.

Animals that the feel are old well and whom they have hurt to let her go and "want" to die, that is the nature, the one who is not getting better despite cortisone, let him go ... so painful it is for you, he will's tell you who you listen well and your instincts are following ... I habs to date with any dog ​​noticed who it was time to let him go over the rainbow bridge, in dec my bitch of us is gone, she has the lunch passed from me that you feel whom you have an intimate relationship with your animal and in the afternoon you cycle is collapsed and diagnosed by the veterinarian's it for me no longer an issue to ponder whether I still want more treatments or not ... she was allowed in go my poor we

Pain can ever spoil the appetite. The TA has indeed now be given the injections and apparently wants to wait and see how the situation is changing beneath. If he is better in a few days, everything is good at first. If not, you should redeem him. But it is waiting for now. For the pain can be given painkillers, too, has certainly give you, so that he might apathetic lying around, but hopefully not suffer. One must also remember that just strong painkillers act appetite dampening.

15 years a biblischers age for a ASchäferhund.

The decisive factor is whether der4 dog can be adjusted with medication and then again has quality of life. If not Fallist it your duty to save him. That you owe your buddy dog ​​easy.

Just as it sounds, he has bereitas decided that they want to go - as it help here and torments ih not because you're selfish Tierquäler !!!

Well, if he is in pain ... and the TA can not do anything ... would perhaps ne redemption fürn Rinaldo.

he no longer wants to eat for a week and completely apathetic rumliegt

eat he does not because he is sick and in pain. 15 years for a German Shepherd has a ripe old age.

If he suffers, you should let him out of his misery. In addition you can also visit a veterinary clinic today.

Go most quickly to the vet with him, he is not ready unnecessary pain

Please tuh your dog a favor and do not let him suffer needlessly. Please go to the vet as soon as possible!

you should be suffering never a dog, not second.

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