Diet and muscle building?

Hey, I'm 17 and would like my "bikini figure" (dunno what that is when guys haha) am currently on muscle build what everything works quite well, but have heir nud had some other fatty deposits ... I would like to start ne diet .. . thought as a low carb diet with plenty of protein etc. But then leaves but the muscle building after it? And is something like 17 at all meaningful? Because growth etc.? Lg

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About Treibs first not exercising. Your muscles / joints and bones are still under construction. You can watch with too much training future catch problems such as acute complaints etc.

Train maximum 3 times a week with 1-2 days pause. Nourish yourself in protein (fish, chicken, eggs, nuts) etc.

not Pack on too much weight and Train only if you feel good.

No Lowcarb. These are the most idiotic diets. You need carbohydrates, they you deliver energy. Just a slight caloric deficit drive, train, and then the muscles will be displayed.

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