Diet for the dog.

So my bitch (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 6 1/2 years) is overweight and weighs 3-4 kg to viel.könnt me maybe give her this advice? thank you in advance

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Well basically it is in dogs is not much different than in humans. Whoever moves more and less eats decreases.

It is important that the removal does not take place in the form of a crash diet but slowly. Most vets offer calorie specialty food and the vet can tell you otherwise give tips on how you can proceed.

stop also aware that snacking in between to reduce test - even if the dog probably initially reacted insulted. Test him / her to distract us play an extra round with the dog as a reward instead of sweets.

Eighth especially on adequate exercise and go maybe 1/2 hours a day longer with the animal "walkies" or weekends deliberately a longer tour somewhere in the countryside, which you do determines both good.

is the same in every living being. If it takes more food than it consumes thick - it takes less to be taking it off.

So less food or / and m, ore movement.

And let dike finger of diet food - something only need Sick dogs

ersettz part of the chuck durcfh carrot pellets or ernähr him at very sensible: cue Barf

Less feed and move more.

Why does a dog only get fat and slim down again? Why does not pay attention from start to finish it?

move more, reduce amount of feed something.

AND no carbohydrates, no cereals, no sugar.

Then he takes off by itself.

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