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Hello, I just take it. I have my calorie intake per day on Ca. 1200-1300 calories runtergeschraubt what I surprisingly not particularly difficult. My overweight but I think anyway little to do with the food, because I've never fed me particularly unhealthy or excessively, rather it is due to heredity and sports lack. I read you should take several small portions of what my daily routine but hardly allows me. So I have my breakfast and lunch, which account for most of the day calories. In the evening I almost never eat because I have no more hunger. But if some games, it would be ok, raw vegetables, possibly carrots + cucumber to eat? In addition, I started to make sport. I'm determined 1 hour per day, but rather distributed in the morning 15 minutes. , Then during the day again 15min, and the rest of the late afternoon or evening. I'm surprised how much fun to me. Also my workouts, I always varied to appeal to different groups of muscles, I really like to do. In short: I am totally motivated. I really hope that I can do it;)

Now to my questions:

  • How long will it take until I could see the first effects?
  • I try also to drink more water, there is some limit beyond which it is no longer healthy? I lie so at 3-3.5 liters.

-Is It true that I need to build muscle to burn fat?

Thank you again for any help!

Please no unnecessary answers ..

FYI: I am overweight and just do not feel well. I'm not equal anorexic. Also, I am no longer a teenager and do relatively well when something my body is not good.

The best answer

Nice that it works for you and that is fun., Which is half the shcon "rent".

No one can tell you how fast you abnimmst and when you see it. Although there are standard values ​​but, that is not the be keeping your body from.

Between 0.5 kg and 1 kg of a decrease is healthy. at the beginning you lose more water.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so you can also lose weight and weigh still more. When that happens, you're should just measured.

One should drink between 1.5 and 3 liters per day. The latter in warm weather and sports.

For healthy weightloss tips, read times please my post here: https: //www./frage/wer-hat-einen-ernaehrungsplan-fuer-mich foundin = ...?

Good luck * daumendrück *.

LG Pummelweib :-)

Alsoooo that all sounds great already! : D

A few tips from me:

I think the workout to make at a time would be better, because the fat burning my knowledge starts only after ca.15min.

On the subject of food, I can recommend the book "17 days diet". Lots of good tips and faster success! The motivated.!

Against Chocolate Heißhungerattaken is my tip a teaspoon of linseed Alnatura for breakfast is actually less need for sweets.

Then I wish through luck and stop;)!

There is no guideline "How much can I which time" decreases. Just do your Übunge etc. as you described it, and you will certainly see after the first 2-3 weeks successes.

can / should you drink plenty of water! Many people do not drink enough. Your belly logs already if you drink too much. 3-3.5 are quite good.

And no, you do not have muscles build to burn fat. However, this is so only with abmagern (diet without exercise), which can be very unhealthy. Even if you're going jogging you strengthen your muscles, but lose fat (just as in the fitness center). Thus, one might say, to "healthy" take, you have to build almost muscles.

It takes time. You take no more than 1 kg from the week. When fat is converted into muscle, you can not see it on the scales, but only on the body. It is a long-term business. So, do not be impatient.

1.) I think after few weeks you will already be able to see the first successes (When weight).

2.) As far as I know it's unhealthy to drink too much water suddenly. But if you distribute good taking over the day, there should be no problems.

3.) The muscles consume calories so they help you lose weight.

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