Difference between BA and Abi at vocational school study

Extent to different teaching? That with the practical phase is aware, I'm the theoretical stages.

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What do you mean practical phase? You talkin 'of a cooperative degree course! At the FH university or?

In principle, a study of education differs quite formidable. Of course it is handled in much less time considerably more substance. In studies, it is important whether you have lectures or seminars. Lectures take 1.5 hours and the lecturer will give a talk, where you all that you write there own viewing categories learn should. In seminar 1.5 hour often certain topics, discussed or practically rehearsed.

General study is anonymous, the lecturers you usually do not know personally, and you are completely your responsibility, how much you will learn what so when you pass the exam. Sometimes there attendance control but not in any degree equal intensive.

BA studies in a university, you may only visit with school. Professional Handsome high school you may with a high-school diploma visit.

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