Difference ortodoxe Church and the Catholic Church?

What distinguishes the Orthodox one from the Catholic?

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Both religions are Christian, but there are some differences in the Bible Verstehung / Set / Views God.

Surely you have already noticed that the Orthodox churches often have magnificent domes of gold and mosaic stone and (holy images) are decorated inside with so-called icons.

While Catholics have beautiful churches, but not so concentrate on externals.

In Orthodoxy it is also common the holy things (diluted blood = wine with water and the loaf of bread = sacred) to get a lot more often, usually after each confession ...

Purgatory as a place of horror and terror of Catholics, there are not Orthodox.

But when two people believe in heaven and hell.

But everyone should love his religion in his own way and understand))



If you wonder why the Orthodox Easter celebrated a week later, you still celebrate according to the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. Years ago, about 300, it was found that no longer matched the then valid Julian calendar with the seasons. Under Pope Gregory a calendar reform was carried through in the Catholic areas. You simply stroked 10 day already the calendar was in order. The Protestant areas did this for decades not with, but eventually. Russia retained the Julian calendar until 1918th All other Eastern Churches were for centuries under Turkish rule.

The have a common past and are similar to each other. Also common councils in the early history, which are still recognized by both sides. The Roman Empire was separated, Ostrom was, then the Byzantine Empire and had as its capital Constantinople Opel, now Istanbul. From there come the Orthodox Christians, and the West Christians had its headquarters in Rome.

No not really, Orthodox Christians arose in the Eastern Roman Empire, for that you need to login with the history of Rome employ in order to understand. The Protestants are a sect which emerged from the Western Roman Christianity.

Just as Protestant and Catholic. Other faith ?!

You do not believe the same

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