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So in some tasks, I can not continue, can someone please help vll something to me? If these tasks make me problems:

f (x) = ln (x + 1 / x-1) ^ 2 f '(x) =?

f (x) = 1 4e ^ / x f '(x) =?

f (t) = cos (t / 2) f '(t) =?

y = '= sin (root of x) y?

Please help, just brief examples are safe but iwie hakts there with me, who has time with explanation :(

The best answer

1. f (x) = ln (x + 1 / x-1) ^ 2

f '(x) = (2 • (1 - (1 / x)) • ln (x + (1 / x) - 1)) // (x + (1 / x) - 1)

2 f (x) = 1 4e ^ // x

f '(x) = (-4E) // x²

3 f (t) = cos (t / 2)

f (t) = (-sin (t / 2)) // 2

4. y = sin (sqrt (x))

y '= (cos (sqrt (x)) // 2 (sqrt (x))

General is simply important that you can all the rules. The are elementary, so they learn by heart. All the solutions are based on this and were just keep simplified.

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