Differine cream experience (acne)

Hello, I use days since 5 differincreme against acne and since yesterday I have very many small (not flushed) pimple. my skin is not dried up, but I look terrible. what shall I do now? in my skin doctor is always totally hard to get an appointment ... is this normal or should I settle the cream prefer?

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Such creams an initial deterioration is not abnormal. The skin needs a week after getting used to it about, if it was not but is then better, call your doctor and ask if it is normal. :-)

Try to make the way also daily (5-10 min), a steam bath, it was my skin in my Aknephase vieeeeeeeeeeel better!

Good luck! :-)

Hi ^^

the cream I had and gave me unfortunately iwi not helped'm still strong acne and did yesterday tablets contrast get've been through all the cream in Differine I had a cleaning soap to ... For me the Differine cream burned always and had no real improvement that it will be worse in the beginning I had;)

Good luck

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