Difficult time of my life by standing ?!

Hello My mom has cancer (almost in the final stage) and I'm terrified of losing them. And I really do not know if they died like me then to deal with it. Do you have some advice for me? Every day I have to remember and at school I can hardly concentrate. But it gets worse: / When my mom died, I have to pull my camisole father, but I do not want. He lives in another city (1h from my current place of residence), he has never cared about me. I would really lose everything: my mother, my stepfather, my friends, my friends, etc. How should I survive that? Can you help me maybe somehow? I mean, I really would have to my father? (FYI: I am 16 years) I would be really very grateful for some answers from you /:

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Only einmal..es am very sorry that your mother, know that because I was 17 when my died.

Have not you ever spoken at school with your teacher about it, because he should already know why you're so distracted at the moment.

And then talk to your stepfather, your mother about the problem, if necessary, go look for youth office, because that can help you too. Since you are 16 years of age, you must have a say in whether you want to your father or find her together another solution.

All the best.


so in a little what happened to me when I learned that my grandfather is dying of cancer. I only know that he died when the cancer was already in the final stages. My grandpa was my main caregiver. I have always gone to him if I had any problem. Since I have a very bad relationship with my parents and had.

In the time we (my parents, my younger siblings and I) moved to another BL. So I lost my grandfather and had lost touch with my friends and my half-sister.

After the death of my grandfather, I started with the scoring. Now I make a therapy to the whole process and I am 13 years old.

This is a very difficult time for you will, but you will survive it. At the time I also had little concentration for school. That is why I entrusted myself to a guidance counselor. Perhaps that would also be a possibility for you. About the disease your mother you could also talk with a friend. Get to the sadness and talk about it. Believe me helps.

The problem with your biological father will settle already. Speak it out with all those involved. Perhaps there would be the possibility that you can live with your stepfather. With 16 you can decide yourself. Maybe your father indeed understand that you want to stay where you live, school etc..

Now that your mother is still alive, my tip: Spend as much time as possible with your mother. Tell her about your life and business as much as possible with her. This will help her and you.

I hope I could you help a little, and I wish you much strength

LG Jasmin

So once, your stepfather can adopt you? Then you will not torn like that. I would respond and clarify quickly.

Then, spend a lot of time with your mother, as much as possible, which is now all you can do. A lot of power you.

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