Directions wash out again?

Hello, I have included the Directions Directions cleanse shampoo. Now I have no idea whether the shampoo is for the tint to wash back out or so you can wash his hair and keeps the tone anyway?

And if so, the question is not meh gets out, what then? or so si faster going out again?

LG :)

The best answer

Should not on the tube, the application to be described? The shampoo is designed according to Amazon for the new and re-dyeing. Does, you use it before you färbst your hair with the Direction colors.

I then had the turquoise color and it has been very very easily, wash out. Depending on how light your hair, you should but if you do not want the color again a "normal" color stain over it. At least I had to do it because my hair at some point slightly shimmered greenish.

So I am familiar with Directions. Directions are only shades! Nevertheless, they can often NOT completely wash out again. You only really come to light or bleached hair to advantage.

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