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hey people I need time really your help. I was recently on a girl gekorbt which was pretty painful. For me to face two options: to clarify a couple of girls and make out with them, so as to overcome the pain or nothing like and try to cope and wait for the next love .... What do you think is the best? I'll go crazy ... LG

The best answer

Hello plum factory, beautiful is not the whole course. but Something unfortunately part of life. There's several things, where you can start to make it easier for you to forget it. You may all not take it personally, because romantic love is not a conscious decision. Either the feelings are there or not.

The first approach:

As a first approach, I would you suggest, to distance yourself from the person breaking off contact first, do not say why and avoid routes where you they could find, because you will not want you ever to the girl remembers going, what has not reciprocated your love.

The second approach:

Now you should enjoy your life to the fullest again. By that I mean, meet up with friends, or doing something that you prepare fun, because it is not easy, so get along. When love is not reciprocated, then that is comparable to a separation. The only difference, though, is that you lose something that has never heard of you. So have fun :)

The third and final approach:

Let go. All this that reminds you of them, throw way, or put only once away. Chat history, pictures, etc. out everything. It's ok if you feel sad, you're welcome to also cry about it, that's fine, but at some point also needs to be well again, let your feelings flow.

I am a professional, as regards the subject, but I hope that it has helped you in addition. You can give feedback to me like, I would be happy about it. Have now fun with your life and enjoy it. Cheer up, you'll manage it. best regards


Would say the same thing with another girl rummachen brings Nothing at all the feeling comes back up / after a time it goes away again who you're going with friends one probably walk out a drink or going go the cinema. Other ... & always laugh brings much ..

So I think you should do that to overcome the pain. Why would you with girls making out the you are not important? Let love for you to come, not vice versa! ;)


With other girls making out, not just makes everything better, because the pain is still always there.

The pain you must not, of course, completely suppress or try to forget immediately on the spot. Pain goes only with time.

it if you distract yourself with your best friends something doing is best. Movies go (action movies look, NO love movies), revive your hobbies again, etc.

LG, CarolaA.

Such pain can be remedied otherwise not immediately by the relationship with someone. First, an appropriate lovesick phase is attached. This is perfectly natural and everyone else has at some point as well with something in his life - and not just once the absolutely - to fight. Listen dear songs of our Stars, where they had similar experiences. Is indeed very many songs about it. This can perhaps be comforting, if you can find out in the text, as our Budding Immelten handled it. I hope you like as soon as possible again feel a little better. LG "Time"

2 of course! Otherwise you also hurt other people

Wait I'd say. If you CKST all f! Then you have the image that you all just exploits and get a girlfriend more

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