Disease on their feet?

My foster mother says I have a disease on the feet? What would you say, is a disease (see picture) bye and thanks, and if so what can be done against:? ((Am so ashamed

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This is not a disease. Look, at least not like this. Cream Get your feet at night to sleep in front or after showering. Is also Fusscreme the callus formation reduced. The I would take. I bet after 2 weeks is gone.

Hmm hard to say because I'm not a doctor .. I do not but at your agency, I would yet 1-2wochen wait .. Inform yourself some games over the Internet to a dermatologist in your area who will be able to help determine you :) good luck LG Calvin

that's just dry skin. that goes away on its own

Could athlete's foot, because there is nothing to be ashamed off, this can happen to anyone, Show a dermatologist.

If your foster mother from the bush?

So you've got what at the bottom, that's a disease.


You have dry skin and stupid if an athlete's foot, wenns itches.

that's just the cornea

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