Display for fraud (identity card awarded)

So my friend has recently lent me her ID because she is 16 and I have not, so I walk into a club. Now I've got crap built and then me the card was taken and now they scored a display. How can I help you there? Please write to all possibilities. I want to get as little as possible stress and also take any punishment on me! LG and thank you before.

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Hello mariechen99718,

a fraud is not present here, accordingly, no display may be carried out for fraud. Rather will:

  1. You and
  2. Your girlfriend

have to reckon with a criminal case under the following legal basis

§ 281 of the Criminal Code - abuse of identity papers

(1) Any person an identity document that is issued for another, used to deceive in legal relations, or who leaves an identity document to deceive in legal relations to another, which is not issued for this, is punished with imprisonment up to one year or a fine , The attempt is punishable.

(2) An identity document are certificates and other documents the same that are used in trade as identification.

Criminal means to each of you two by the police in criminal proceedings.

Demensprechend you will both and since you are a minor since, even your parents (they have a right to be present, but are not themselves accused) received a summons from the police. The letter is then available:

Summons gem as suspects in a criminal case. § 281 of the Criminal Code - abuse of identity papers.

Although it is not mandatory that summons be obeyed, so I would go in your place there.

I would also admit the violation, because I think that he was committed as accused is always unequivocally determined. Then I would still specify the motives for the act truthfully and not try because what to whitewash.

The interrogation report then goes to the prosecutor.

If you both never what you had to do with the court, you will probably both a letter from the prosecutor's office obtained by informed you that the case against you is set. Then, the fact has no consequences for you.

It must have been very stupid to come, that a trial before a judge takes place. I think this is in any case very unlikely.

If you do, you also not much happens. If there's a judgment only a verbal warning or possibly some social hours.

The whole thing does not appear later on in the certificate.

Best regards


So in principle it has already rendered punishable to have you borrowed the card, because this is an aid to a forgery an abetting an offense because you were less than 16 in a club from 16th Both will be for them but hardly tragic, probably a method would be set, or would remain, a warning.

You must to the police and confess, best you go along, then know that you started the offense have and it has nothing to fear in this regard.

you have to go to the police and to disclose the cards and say that they Ausweiss their gave you a penalty they can not get around as it is an official document and can not be imparted to you get both a penalty because I think her for the first time makes me think that you either socially hours gets or administrative fines more not saying to them also you that right sorry that a stupid idea come true and you do not do it again then comes her vilt better away from


it's easy, you there to that you had her ID and thus crap built have ... sent Showing unjustly.

You do that with your parents to the police!

Since it is also a criminal offense "lend" his ID to it will not get away with it, no chance ... she just screwed up like you did it.

If you can're absolutely honest that you both get off lightly.

All the best

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