Distance relationship: friend would not come to me because of a conflict. What should I do?

Hello you,

My boyfriend (20) and I (17) perform a long-distance relationship. This weekend he wanted to come to me after we last saw each other 2 1/2 weeks. Now we had a kind of dispute and there were several negative things addressed the going wrong in our relationship with others, I often abblocke if he wants to help me or not talk to him when I cry. That hurt him and he said he would like, therefore, the next few weeks, not first see. I know I've made mistakes and also see a I have often done wrong, but unfortunately I can not understand why he did not want to come anyway, because it would be good inruhe about anything to talk about that again, even if I did otherwise always blocked. I need it so badly, I miss him and the period was meet until now been long enough so I do not know how it is to withstand the next few weeks without him. I can not abide all anyway because I need him so badly with me. What would you do? ask again even though he has already said he will not come? Just accept and wait? Must the whole time crying because I miss him so ...

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Since helps not cry much. Wipe your tears from and just wait to be honest it is not really what makes your friend there. He can not force you to anything if you block or not dare. He should show understanding for it. Among other things, he should speak so personally trust with her and in silence find to explain it to him.

When I quarrel with my friend and he has me pretty hurt, I told him I would not see him for a while. Then he wrote me a huge text, how much he's sorry and how much he misses me. I had accepted the apology joy tears in his eyes and did. After that we saw each other anyway. How about if you do the same? Write him but just what you wrote here. I find the text beautifully. Write him you missed him and you propiest you to open more for him. I also have the problem that I am a friend often abblocke whenever what is on my mind, I can not tell him simply. But I propiere me now against him to be open, finally, he's my friend, I can him yes entrust everything, just like you. I think if you write him exactly what you wrote here and him saying that you've made a mistake and you're sorry that he can not even be mad at you. :) I hope for you that you can see it :) Good luck!

In your place I would just wait and hope that he still umentscheidet itself. If he really loves you and misses, then he will certainly do. Maybe even surprising? ))

Monotony whether you are now to blame for the discord or not, the response from your friend does not necessarily mean good and that is only understandable in part. Whether you can your friend swayed again, I can not say, but regardless you should at least try. he still remains hard, then you need to look at how you were, minor cosmetic surgery can respect the hinbekommen how you react in certain situations with you and yes a bit of time You then would it stop.

If you have previously blocked his help and they need now, then let him know it and tries you to some because of the meeting on a compromise that ye first times entertain and the billows smooth.

But you should not fall into begging, which often happens when one is grieved thereby. The Meining and Entscheodung the other was yet to be respected, even if one is even somewhat unsatisfied with it.

So I would do, because most know the other not as real as you feel or something was misunderstood. A quiet conversation with me often eliminates disturbances (: maybe it helps you a little yes.

You write and speak (Skyp) as normal, but he does not see you and you beg him? Did you really needed?

Clear you love and need him, and do not want to lose him. But if he loves you too, it should also seek to YOU. I would now let him wriggle times, you have strained yourself enough.

And when he is not approaching you, it is no longer interested in another relationship and you have to try to accept that. Attempt then not to forget it, because you can not manage. But you're so young and other fish in the special sons.

I mean also your friend as well overreacted a little, say it again as quietly as possible, which is something also only in personal Komtakt if you can clarify sees you can not help it that you have the situation of a long-distance relationship, he must deal with it, so what is this but just like you ?! (From him) Regards

You blockst from him and need him urgently. A strange relationship. Your friend does the right thing. First of let time pass.

Please urgently, this weekend to get your friend again to you. Explain to him your reasons in detail. If you find it difficult to tell him that, then send him a message on his cell phone.

Hossa, your relationship is indeed the purest Drama Manege! Da0 he is missing you is understandable, but with your Heulerei you bring him more away from you.

That's you own fault. Talk to him when it is so important to you. You should check with your friend can talk about anything, even if you cry. He wants to help, to comfort you, and if you abblockst then that is a rejection.

Since you do not need you be surprised if he rejects now.

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