distinguished college, and college fachhochschule

hi, I have just made such a landmark test, which would be suitable for a study program for me when I have my abi. I found at the outcomes no uni. there was always only college or university of applied sciences. what is the difference it? I heard namely that fachhochschule is worse than college, because you earned less and attached to that is what you have studied. is that correct?

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VERY IMPORTANT: "university" and "college" is the same. Many technical colleges now call themselves "college" to get closer to the Unis Image forth. What was the FH Frankfurt earlier today is the University Frankfurt - there is a substantive difference not there.

not true.

FH is often the better way, because this much more practical and faster leading to a vocational qualification and also to specific employers.

And FH graduates are happy to set because they are younger and somewhat cheaper than university graduates.

A university is a university. With Vollabi you can go to the college or university with Fachabi only to the Fachhochschule.

there was always only college or university of applied sciences. what is the difference it?

A university is often theory-heavy, while the FH is more practice-oriented. University is the generic term for both.

I heard namely that fachhochschule is worse than college, is because you earned less and tied to what one has studied

It always depends on what you study, how good you are and what demand there is in the labor market. This "bad FH / Uni good" fairy tales have probably times devised some vain Ex-high school-college students.

but I will not be cheap -.- I will be expensive. I want da money ...

Ge, Madl, spinn from di ...

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