Disturbance on weekends and weekdays

My neighbors have rented their family house to a device for maladjusted young people. They use their part of the assembled double garage now as a hobby room for table tennis, music, giggle to around 23 hours no matter what day it is. Officially needs an educator maintain order - but of peace and order, I experience little. Problem: The garage of the neighbors has only one type corrugated roof and therefore probably very little noise insulation. - In addition, my bedroom window goes out directly to the garages on the 1st floor. Some days I could take notes from the talks from the bed. On Sunday my collar burst to about 21 pm and I called the police, who said it was Carnival and now no one could come because of staff shortages. I am determined no party pooper and celebrate to make, but I'm talking about DAILY, often HOURS LONG giggle, scuffling, the ping-pong sound of table tennis - Weekdays reigns from 22-6 pm night's sleep, if my research is correct. But at what point must prevail rest on Saturday and Sunday?

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Me again. I wish you strong nerves. You'll really can not go against this noise. Narrow Maximum. At the times regulated. Now you can you contact the clerk's office and ask you for the days. Likewise, you could ask, a discussion with you, claim the educators of the kids next door, the mayor, the clerk's office and the support of the establishment of the kids. It's your health. And you are suffering now, which I can understand. I know how it is, because right outside my Gartenzaus teenagers have for months besieged a Parkpank. Noise makes people ill. But before you set out to very reinsteigerst, try to talk to them. People who do not know how you feel and not a youth center, or Asylantehmeim live near and the noise are not exposed, the Wisen not know how you're doing. The Talk is cheap ... happy.

Here's an idea for a completely different experiment:

Talk to young people and carers, make the proposal for a ping-pong tournament, where you participate as: 16:30 to 18:00. Thereafter, carers and young people take with in the bedroom and let the others turn on the music. Then you Discuss all together, which volume is still ok for you. Maybe you just yes as a win-win situation. I wish you success

At 21h of calling the police is grossly exaggerated.

Young people need a place to hang out. Better to spend because their time than anywhere else to screw up.

Then buy earplugs to sleep. Normal play talking, laughing and table tennis is not really loud.

you have to get used to it. in Brazil, Africa, and some districts in Berlin is such a noise even at night 3am. and nobody complains. 23:00 and giggles is still okay. or you can insulate your windows.

Ouch, you poor. I do not advise. But I can understand you. I would also be annoyed ... Can you speak to the teacher ??

You have very very very very very poor proceed odds against it. The State shall protect children what noise concerns, massive! In particular, such Eineichtungen. Get yourself a new window or a new apartment

went to a friend personalize it just ... ne facility for children next door. He has sold and living in rented accommodation .... because it can easily take off, if what is ... Sorry, but I think, because you've got through. Sundays by the way all day silence to reign.

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