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Hi I have the following problem I have been 5 even almost 6 years away from my wife at the time but am still Verheirattet.

She agrees not a sign or nothing the things that come from the office or from the advocate of nothing matters

what can I do I want umbedingt or also because of work divorced tax class

Is there what ??

thank you

The best answer

Your lawyer needs to know, which is for an experienced specialist in family law really not rocket science. Why have been applied here not many years ago and penalty payments imposed is a complete mystery to me. Normally as the court would even already acted on its own initiative. The reasons would you but can explain easily your lawyer.

A marriage can be dissolved against the will of one of the spouses, if this at least three years living apart ......

Your lawyer should take care of it ...

The woman could be granted by the court requirements to provide the necessary information to submit documents .....

If you have filed for divorce six years ago, you can get a divorce after this time, even without the consent of the spouse!

However, you do deteriorate like tax; You must then surely change in the tax class 1!

Let advise you from your attorney. THE helps if you can do something .... If he is not interested in it, then you seeking a more competent lawyer

In the walk forest walk, with ex ......

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