Dizziness, headache, nausea what can I do?

For about 7 days I have continued strong kopfschmärzen me makes evil so that I have the feeling of having to give me the same.

As I said it before 7 days begonnen.ich sat in the school and there I suddenly had strong kopfschmerzen.ich'm fast schulz always out of the running because I thought about giving me müssen.irgendwie was then suddenly my mega dizzy, I have my balance lost and binn then collapsed. :( The same to me now all the 4 times happened (but without collapse)

I am 14 and am about genuine care

I urgently need your help, what should I do about it and you know perhaps what might be?


The best answer

This could be related to your diet, it could be a disease or just stress. I would you recommend to go to the doctor. Just because the whole has been going on a little longer, it could be something serious (I hope not).

Get well :)

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