Dj, mixing, transition between two songs.

Hello, I'm sitting in front of my Dj controller and make straight a Trap Mix.

Now I have two songs and just dunno at which point I should reinsetzen the transition to the next song, and exactly when to start the next song. Have tried the 3.5 BPM runterzu pitchen but it sounds daft yet

  1. Song: Jay Z & Kanye West - ... in Paris (Onderkoffer Remix)
  2. Song: Zedd ft Foxes - Clarity (Brillz Remix).

perhaps Is anyone who is familiar with the matter?

The best answer

In hip-hop, R & B, etc Trap transitions with scratching and cuts are made so. But the speed is irrelevant. If you want to offset the BPM of 3.5 while then go with a song slowly 1.25 faster and with the other 1.25. I recommend you Soundcloud mixes of professionals to listen so you can hear how transitions are made in the area.

What do you make should is best to turn on Keylock so that the sound does not change the song if you do the speed slower or faster.

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