Do I have chances :(?

Good day, I'm new here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong :) I wanted to ask what chance I still have to make a Abi :(? I am 16 drawn in the 9th class and prop. Intelligent but I am time ago since then went . virtually all downhill :( I remained sitting 1 times and dropped from high school to high school now I wanted to ask, I can still make a Abi I have seen it so can not go on etc'm currently in the 9th so in the final year?: / I'm really desperate mitlerweile and hope there is a way: / If you know more accurate please let me know :) with kind regards :) and Thanks in advance!

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Sure you can still finish school! You have your high school as well as possible to make, then make the secondary school certificate and with this attempt to come to a school. There are many people that there are so going as you. If you understand, have to change something you are on the right track!

is perhaps a little late, but if you have your Q-note (yes, that goes to a high school) you can normally visit and like everyone else make your abi high school seniors. good luck :-)

Kommr on what you have currently for notes you. You should now take due school repays serious

if it does not work now - you can catch up later with ner night school so that Abi.

I do not except you repeat volunteered again and then give the next year everything that you come to real.

Yes na clear you can do that if your grades are good enough you can enter the 10b and then make your quali and then back to high school in question but your teachers

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