Do I have fear of the fphrerscheinstelle? (Cannabis)

Hi, I was caught with cannabis and the process has now been set at 4 months and 3 weeks. When consumption I was not caught and was "only" drunk but there were 0.96 g ensured + whistle, grinder, etc. I am 17 years old and come from Schleßwig holstein, My question now is, the license agency will reply or not? and what could happen? and how long it may take or would they have to prosecutor notified before? my license I had on the day on which I have not been caught but had passed him a few days later.

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Well, if you were caught with cannabis, it seems likely that you consume it

If evidence or suspicion exists that you more than occasionally kiffst or consumption and driving do not separate them, so it could be a message to the Road Traffic Office. This release is NOT linked to the criminal case. The authority will then probably order an MPU. then more regular BTM-consumption is detected, the FS is permanently off and you do not get him and only after prolonged abstinence (min. 1 year) issued again.

It is likely that you have to submit a medical report. As part of these studies and surveys also urine-screening will be implemented.

In this extensive post you'll find more hints how everything is handled. There are on the website is a second article on the subject: http: // ...

set is set but somewhere it might be noted, nevertheless, legally must you not be penalized it!

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