Do I have to go over the rainbow bridge my dog?

Hello everyone, I am devastated and very much hope to get from you good advice and understanding. It's about my German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Bobby. Bobby comes from the animal welfare and is now about 10 years old. From the beginning he had repeatedly struggling with serious illnesses. Chronic bronchitis, bladder infections, gastrointestinal infections, ... Despite the disease Bobby is a very charming dog. It is open every nice and friendly, I have made with them regularly Mantrailing, he's just a dream of a dog and welcome everywhere and well behaved. He loves to play and is so far largely run without a leash. Last year in October, a tumor in the prostate was found. He could not pee reasonable, therefore, an ultrasound was taken. This tumor is inoperable. Therefore, veterinarians advised to castration chip so that the prostate shrinks and the urethra are free again. Given painkillers. The therapy has very well struck, he could pee reasonable again and was otherwise quite stable. 3 times it was already so that I had to assume that he has to go over the rainbow bridge. Through his weakened immune system itself of gastrointestinal infection has led him to the end is very close. But the little man was caught and again gerappelt miraculously. A real fighter. Now to my problem. Since some four weeks Bobby has very much changed. From the love, friendly cuddly dog ​​an aggressive dog has become and in addition also still very unpredictable. It started with the fact that he has grabbed with little warning to conspecifics. Fortunately, more or less come of it. My consequence was to lead him only on a leash. Meanwhile, he has but also nabbed after people. (Two acquaintances and even once to me). In a moment everything was fine, cuddle great and suddenly out of nowhere this violence. My conclusion for him was the muzzle. In addition, I fetched again at the vet Council a. He got a stronger pain medication and a sedative. Unfortunately, his behavior has not improved but rather worsened. Yesterday he snapped at my other dog. Also no apparent reason. The evening ended at the vet and we have come to happiness with a black eye. Next Tuesday is actually the extension of castration chips planned. According to my accounts yesterday the TA would like to make in addition again ultrasound. I have now scary thought a lot and am actually come to the conclusion that I think it is better not to let the investigation do but to let Bobby go over the rainbow bridge. Just thinking about this step rends my heart. But that is for him really still a happy life. ?? A free-roaming dog only on leash and muzzled

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The behavior of your friend is a cry for help, he is in pain and no longer understands the world. Your thoughts, whether he still leads a happy life, I can understand fully - I was exactly a year ago before the same decision and have decided in favor of my little friend and let him go with a heavy heart. And I know that it was right. Let him take his last trip, he will remain forever in your heart. Much strength and happiness I wish you!

I almost suspect that the tumor has spread, and thereby also areas of the brain are affected. This unpredictability, within seconds at such sick animals often the case. The decision to "life" and death of your dog but you must meet alone. What is certain is that this state is no longer change into something positive.

Hello JulevonWelt,

I can sympathize with you and can understand what is going on inside you so - to have to go a beloved animal, with which one woman was sooo together / long, never hard.

Does your veterinarian times looked to see whether the tumor spreads and have probably metastasized in the body?

On one of my hangover was similar: He had cancer and his illness was more than 3.5 years.

First he got diarrhea, which then improved again. After about a year it came back, then rest and recovery. Then it came to about 10 months back ...

Eventually it was so that he could not control his movements and me then also 2 x has bitten correctly (so that it bled) or lack of coordination often ran through the food bowl (really by the beloved food with sauce). Because it was so that the tumor had formed metastases and had then also attack the nerves after a while.

At the end he was so far that he could not move his hind legs and I had to send him to the wide and long journey.

Maybe it's in your dog well so that the tumor's "Satellite" scatters and ensure these metastases that his behavior has changed so dramatically.

You should be sure to Doc times then ask - and ask him if he sees it so, send your Fellnase on this last trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

I wish you much strength and maybe even a few days, weeks or months with your four-legged pal!

best regards


Maybe the whole has been scattered. Pain and uncertainty can also change a lovely dog ​​very much. Medications can influence behavior.

The decision is up to you. Go a round with him. you he UDN alone and then you sit down to a quiet place and think about all the happened after :)

This last passage is not one in which someone should be a mix. You have to decide alone.

You've probably already gefälllt a decision. With the toughest decision that we must take for our dogs. Let it be that his dog buddy can say goodbye. He could search a long time to him otherwise.

I had to make the ultimate decision 4 weeks before. Although under different circumstances, but it is also related to a tumor.

If the tumor has spread and the brain is affected, which it sounds very strong, you imaging techniques would only confirm. The next question would then be whether a possible tumor in the brain would be operable, the consequences resulting solely from the OP and whether your treasure would survive.

It would be more costs that are actually unnecessary. I know it from my own experience, I have also spared no expense or effort, I would have sold my soul for the life of my dog. I very much hope that you have a very good relationship of trust with your TA. Together you will probably make the decision.

When the body related to a tumor crazy plays, or the behavior changed so massive that it is irreversible and harmful to the environment, there is no other way to let go when the dog. That was to now we have well.

A happy life you know, you know exactly how it should look. You've experienced it and lived many years together with your dog. What is now, is even in the highest self-deception no longer be described as happy. You know certainly the same. As any dog ​​owner, where the heart zusammenkrampft when he sees his faithful soul in an untenable situation.

Show your favorite in the eyes, in a moment when it is clear. He'll tell you. Have I ever doubted until I saw two eyes and I knew.

It is incredibly hard, it leaves questions that nobody can answer. It can torment you for a long time afterwards. But in sober reflection, purely medically, the correct answer will always endure.

It is the hardest decision in common life between man and dog. I press you in thought and I wish you much strength for what lies ahead.

Best regards

But that is for him really still a happy life. ??

I suspect he responded in self-defense as aggressive. Through his illness he feels comfortable also weakened, so he resorts to this measure (aggression).

Certainly he would get used to the new circumstances (muzzle, leash, etc.). But how he behaves at home and also shows joy, can only judge you.

You alone can and should decide whether the time has come to let him go.

Let him again investigate, talk to the doctor and wonder if his life is not worth living. If he accepts even in family life share?

You'll feel it and make the right decision.

your dog has an essential change. this can be triggered by a lot of the drug, the chip ect the whole circumstances. but it lull so only because its essence was changed I think is simple and ergeifend murder of a vertebrate. because as long as the dog is not torture so can no longer ache ect pp see I have no reason to give the syringe him. because if we are erhlich do not you come more clearly with its essence and want to kill him because of that.

you have the trigger be prepared for these changes and not simply banal to say yes the dog has changed its essence and that is why I kill him now.

Just because he now has to be on a leash (as required by law) and muzzled bear, will you kill him?

Where is the logic?

Maybe just once to obedience school? Obviously he has no pain when he reacts so, despite painkillers. Or. that is not the reason.

Either he is in pain or has it simply changed. And stuffing in therefore with sedatives and painkillers I did not stop for a good idea. Keep all medicines have side effects, either for a short time or forever.

Either Dog Training School / himself exercising or x. therefore Him lull same ... People change but also. Actually allowed to euthanize dogs so that they do not torture. That is a lot of pain or disability as he can not walk! But not because he does not behave as you want it!

So X-rayed, and consider whether what could be another example stress, tick bite, toothache .... Otherwise the dog school or work itself.

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