Do I have to pay tax on dogs when I give the dog?


I intend to buy a dog and to give to my brother. But he does not live in Germany and I fly to England with the puppy. However, since the puppy is 2-3 weeks with me and I will show the airport for travel health check of the dog, I'm interested in what I need everything on paperwork and that the veterinary demands any application documents in Germany or evidence of dog license from me?

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Please call just once in your place of residence at the clerk's office and let yourself with an agent for the Hundewesen connect. This man you describe the situation.

It's been several years since I have kept for a "customer" of our breeder a puppy four weeks at me (the little guy could then at least still be our Jonas as littermates together) - this puppy was not in the dog tax registered but he remains "untaxed" because the breeder has provided for the dog tax comes to the new owner the dog taken with her "kennel control" ...

I can imagine that there still are for special arrangements ...

I would rethink the whole concept. You want your brother give a dog. This is a very sweet idea. But your brother wants a dog and can take care of him?

If your brother should get a dog, then he should search for him but also. Fly to England, go with your brother to a breeder and then let dog and future holders decide who would live together for the next 12 years or more. This also saves a puppy stressful flight and you the bureaucratic Theater.

Please look for the dog out together with your brother in England! have you also thought that a puppy 24 hours care needs?

just for puppies equates to easier a flight immense stress and also a 2 times settle is completely pointless!

Does the dog then not even in quarantine? I seem to have heard that there still are in England ...

I would ask again for a veterinarian.

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