Do I have to print question papers for my whole class as a student?

Bin 10th grade. My teacher says I should for all students a worksheet to print (30 pcs.) Is there a law that I have nothing for other students to copy. I mean A template but must be enough!

To which one can indeed times in the survey part company if he can it or not ... The best answer is of course always Excellent

The best answer


I'm on a high school in the 8th grade. We often have to make presentations at school. For this we have to make a handout. The handout but we must never copy for the whole class. We give the teachers early enough (two - three days before) a template. He then copied for all and bring it with to the day when we have to hold the unit.

With you also a template should be enough. Finally, the costs also copy money. talk about it objectively with your teacher or go to the class teacher or as a last resort for school management.

Lg Jasmin

It will cost you money and indeed about the teacher can not determine.


In no case may the teacher!

Greetings, Dreams97

Is there also a § in a law?

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