Do I have to travel to Germany?


There currently I'm doing a semester in Turkey. I also have Turkish nationality with an unlimited residence permit. My stay here will last more than 6 months. My question is should necessarily one before the end of these 6 months after Germany and leave or is it possible that I switched to another EU country like Bulgaria or leaving?

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If you have a permanent residence permit for Germany, you enjoy getting so allows the transit definitely the privilege for the EU Member States, thus also Bulgaria and Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland.

So if you want to make your way back to a kind of route, of course, can enjoy walking.

The correct information you get most from a competent authority, including the Immigration Office, at an embassy ...

  1. Bets that none of you his Deusche Staatsangehörichkeit can prove?
  2. Only the Bundestag as a Judge have the Deusche citizenship certificate + passport.
  3. Or which of you hatt the citizenship certificate?
  4. All the others have only one proof that they wonen in Deuschland.
  5. The Deusche Pass is comparatively bahr with an unlimited residence permit in Deuschland.
  6. In other words, you have neither a Deusche still a Turkish Staatsangehörikeit.
  7. But if you have einne Deusche Statsangehörichkeit want dan you have to apply for it:

Surely you have only a Turkish passport with a permanent residence permit.

The Turkish or Deusche nationality only Bundestag as any judge.

Even the Presedent in the USA hatt the USA Staatsangehörichkeit.

If you nich aufhälst you an official amount of time in Deuschland,

then you can transfer your residence, lose as an identity card.

In other words, the subscription is not renewed mer.

Then you have to submit your citizenship certificate and not the identity card.

No man must reside in D if he does not want to stay in D is limited? As long as you do not travel over Syria!

The BRD whose founding father carmen schmidt, who at that time in the Basic Law vereinbahrt may also have the Deusche Staatsangehörichkeit with the citizenship certificate only Deusche.

The have hidden in various laws.

From the FRG no other Dokoment proof of Deusche Staatsangehörichkeit may alls are akzeptierd.

The pass itself true so Deuschland rebuild a PR dude with the goal.

How could man to get the workers to otherwise Deuschland to build it resist?

Money they had for not enough, but paper and ink already.

You wrote at each Foreign nationality German as a reward for the work, but sat in the fixed Gestz keinner of dennen ever a Anwald judge or a member of the Bundestag is allowed.

The hatt so well enforced, which everyone now running around with something.

And when they asked me now Deuscher national hies it you've got jabist because Deuschen pass or not?

Werend the law what else said.

But who reads the law schonn?\_carlo\_schmid.pdf

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