Do I need a bus ticket for the dog?

Hello I wihne in graz (Styria) and wanted to ask if I need a bus ticket for my sheep dog? I have a muzzle always on top but is now not mandatory that the dog needs a bus ticket if so where can you buy how much does the ???

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Yes, all dogs need a ticket. So the same card you have, just for the dog with a discount tariff. And you're gonna get logically also on the bus. Or at a ticket window!

In the tariff provisions of the Styrian Transport Association is to:

For non mitbeförderte in appropriate containers dogs the reduced fare is calculated according to fare table at hourly tickets, 10-zone tickets and 24-hour tickets.

So here in Berlin every dog ​​needs a Fahrkahrte and in train or bus in muzzled!

For a large dog you have to buy a bus ticket

This can only be answered by the bus company, there is IMHO no general rule or law norm.

honestly ... I do not know, but can not imagine it the best sake

yes it is a duty that is (not for dogs) solve only a normal ticket from the driver, wear a muzzle in public transport

In Germany this is regulated differently in the individual transport operators.

I can imagine that it is in Austria similar and therefore you call nevertheless simply the web page of your bus operations and look after ...

If we do not have to pay for the dog still mount a muzzle.

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