Do I need to Joglieren a special talent or that anyone can learn?

Many years ago I was interested für's juggling. After trying several have ich's then abandoned, because I thought to have no talent for it.

The best answer

The best learn it in about 1/4 hr., Others need weeks, ball for ball

Talent is helpful, but everyone can learn it, such as swimming, cycling, skating, ice skating, skiing.

One need only 'rauskriegen the rotation, then one can's and can arbitrarily so.

If it's already hapert the ball feeling, then one has to become familiar with the time it takes for a ball, familiar, 'times steep throw, then' it times in a wide arc 'over from far outside to the far outside. 'Times vertically, as high as you can do without having to make a step to catch him or how colleague says, also easily try blind high and getting higher. - A highest point Aim - By the simple throws light and fluffy feel. ....... You already BALLGEF Ü HL; o])

Practice creates masters. For some it takes ne now and in others it work right away

Anyone can learn it. Only it was so that a friend of mine, it was after 1 day and I took much longer and did it again forgotten. Talent is perhaps an advantage, but everyone can learn it

everyone can learn, if he gives himself enough trouble. Have also geschaft

So if you want to call patience talent indeed.

So you do not need patience and ambition more.

Good jugglers are not because of your talent as well, but because they are those who practice the most. Professionals train at your peak periods of 8 hours (daily.).

To learn is important that you practice regularly. Dear every day a little, as each one week long.

If you can not right away, then practice by :)

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