Do I pay now only the incidental costs or how should I understand that?

Hi, I have written yesterday evening with a free lawyer consultation because we have our rent reduced by 30%. I just want to know if what I have pasted below means that I really only want to pay incidental costs / can now. the would mean in our rent of 400,00euro thereof 70,00euro incidental costs only 70,00 Euro the ??? many thanks for reply in advance!

It's about this text underneath,

The rent reduction is certainly not more than 30% can be drawn. However, you can keep the difference (cold rent less reduction) completely back. You just pay the utilities.

The best answer

What is meant is that the basic rent may be reduced by 30% (according to opinion of the lawyer) and in addition, the utilities must be paid in full

well then withdrawing times 30% of the rent from - in your account is 100%

"You just pay the utilities." DAS can now have advised no RA ... The basic rent you can not shorten it. Since we do not know WHAT is the reason for the reduction, we can not advise - call again to - is indeed free.

That does not mean that you just do not have to pay, which means only that you retain the money, can therefore be deposited to build up pressure.

Later, however, you have to pay extra money if the landlord on your receivables (why have you reduced?) Has been received. The reduction of 30% you can keep quite. The utilities you pay normally.

Then you would indeed pay no more tenants. That certainly goes wrong, you can shorten the rent something.

This is not understandable without the associated context - here it seems to go to set-off, which can not be traced. - Ask the attorney!

For complete retention of the rent money AFAIK must be paid into a trust account.

Your question is a bit confusing. If you minderst the rent by 30%, then the

€ 400 (net rent) minus 120 (= 30% reduction in rent) plus € 70.00 (= costs) = € 350, you need to pay.

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