Do I with my dog ​​to the vet?

So, first anticipated, I'm already on the verge of going to the vet, who is anyway just around the corner.

My Yorkie dog (15 years) is just tripped and fell off a small step, it now runs though quite normal but their licks a front paw tirelessly - we have already draufgetan Arnika. Should we wait until this afternoon whether it is better or the vet immediately ??

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With such an old dog-girl I'd rather go once too often to the vet and be examined the paw ...

Perhaps you can you provide a little relief with an ointment bandage and / or a pain reliever ...

It's just around the corner - but then go with her to the veterinarian practice ...

Hopefully then there's the same all-clear ...

The only you can decide.

If she licks, you do something to hurt - possibly "only" the skin, but possibly also the tendon etc. Whether it is bad and you're going the same or slightly abwartest, only you can decide, because you know your dog.

Tripping is a question of aging Be in future behotter (cautiously) with the dog. My dogs were all 15 years + This time it was still good. Wishes the dog Happy

hello Cassy364

That I'm so sorry what happened to your dog :-(

I'd better not wait that long and go now .. so it's better for your dog :)

And another thing, I'm a bitch who's maja) and she had time to have surgery because it has swallowed a stick as we threw a stick: /

Get well for your dog;)

Love greetings MCKingDe :)

Whether DU leave now or this afternoon, that does not matter !!!

rather once too much to ta

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