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be What does the bigger the nose of the man, the greater Johannesburg? says everyone from my class undso what does that mean?

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John is in this context, another word for the male sexual organ. It is to say that the sexual organ is therefore, like the nose of a man. Do not worry this is not true, so do not be afraid of types with ner Boxer nose

that is to say: to be the bigger the nose of man, the greater genital which I personally find moronic ...

the bigger the nose, the greater the tail XDXD what do you think ??

Some argue that the size of the nose with the size of the penis is comparable, which is not true. Studies have shown otherwise.

ie the greater the nose is the longer the penis that is not true

so is his willy meant ahhahahhahah

How is that when Pinocchio?

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