do not know what to do with the dog

Have a golden retriever seven years if I listen to it with the trailing leash go on me and without a leash, he runs away but stays close but he does not hear what I should do?

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I would also like I said go to see a dog trainer. This can give you accurate tips and give you different exercises for problem solving. You can also try a Sprühhalsband it but. This is done to the collar and it itself has a remote control, when you press the button briefly sprayed with water again, this does not hurt but the dog is then distracted and you have a better chance that then listen to the dog to the next command. But even that I would recommend for inexperienced with Leash, this tells you in which situations you should not use the sprühgerat etc.

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he hears not know what to do?

if you can not make to train your dog, you should visit a dog school!

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