Do not understand welfarists

Die every day so many people because of wars or whatever. Then come the animal rights activists not to let you ZBS a mouse (the only 1 years lives) in a cage leaving because this is not "humanely". Ok, I understand that they want that animals goes well, but that is equal to a child prohibits an animal to have, although the child not even know what's up bad, I find inaktzeptabel. Please clarify me on

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I do not quite understand your approach. suffering that many people die in such unacceptable conditions, is correct.

But what has that to do with the desire of a child to keep an animal and the criticism of it, the animal would not be housed humanely ?! From the fact that you could do more for human rights, but does not follow that you do not need to worry about the welfare of animals. ^^

Maybe you can explain in more detail what it is you! ;)

We are all creatures. The time of our lives is dimensioned very differently, yet it is always the time for a living.

That one of a mouse in their lifetime span at least a zubilligt welfare, should be understood. For the mouse, it is all they will get in their lives. The little creature really wants what you also want to live well, have friends and family.

Imprisonment and solitary confinement are not intended your life desires.

With the states provide to the people each so a little mouse has really nothing to do. I find it unacceptable when an animal despises because people perform insane wars.

Basically, I want to give you the mental stimulation that animals can not talk and fight for their rights themselves, as well as as well as the embryo can not incidentally.

It's animal welfare therefore also important that we strive to secure creatures who can not protect themselves adequately.

For the specific case of the mouse:

Whether an animal lives only a year, you should - if one accepts the responsibility - to ensure that it not only does not suffer, but can lead a happy life as possible.

Best wishes,


That is absolutely right !!! A mouse lives only a year when it is really very badly treated. Want to tell me that an animal life is worth less ??? JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING ON SHORT LIFE HAS, DOES IT NOT THAT NOTHING IS WORTH, OR LESS !!! If you have a pet, you take over the responsibility, just like a child. If mans causes death, the animal can not help it. A child ne mouse or bestow whatever a dog or just Weil ne sweet employment is, is absolute kaba. These are critters, and if you put your daughter / your son in the kita abgibst then you expect yes also dus back get healthy. But sometimes, the parents and children can just not worry about an animal properly, or it is not interesting. A color mouse, commonly bred may grow in the cage. However, only about two, socialized properly and with at least 4qm². A wild mouse permanently not because you is too tight. And to get the people to blame. Ongoing die young people because someone has old like arguing.

People are a species which kill each other. And animals are just trying to survive in peace. Your attitude is really more than to reconsider. Each mouse is 10 times more valuable than a man.

Grill and completely forget it: D

Who forbids the child to have no animal? And it dying more animals than people ._.

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