Do we have a chance? I love him very much.

Since 2.5 months I know (17) these boys (21). It has not started so well with us. He had at the beginning of another friend and just wanted what loose. The two had a relationship break. It was for me in the beginning really still okay, although it was my first sexual experience. He was always super nice to me. He has separated completely from it about 5 weeks ago. The were 2.5 Years Together. He's also really a lot of trouble. It consumes a lot of fuel for me, bring me more times a trifle with, to my mother introduced, kissed me in front of her, has planned a short break, we were 4 weeks before together in the stadium (250 km further away), because he gave me paid for everything, even though he himself is not sooo much deserved and I also honestly feel when we are together, that he has feelings for me. He also says many times that I am important to him and not just any girl for him am. Nevertheless, I am sometimes torn to and fro. He knows that I love him and he tells me but that he still needs time, because he is also only fresh isolated. I know that he does not use me, and I'm not just a stopgap for him. But he is also not the type. But I love him pretty much and I so afraid that at some point he just walks away and leaves me alone. We had last week quite stressful, because I totally do a lot of thinking and become impatient. I do not want him constrict and I understand him now meanwhile. He also tells me always that I do not soll.Meint me so concerned her was the future and can you perhaps interpret his behavior? What do I do best? Thank you very much :)

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he comes from a long relationship and now needs only one time. Mostly it is more likely that men need a relationship break after a breakup. That he already so far gets involved with you (emotionally), shows you that he is very like you. But you should also give him room to breathe, otherwise you achieve exactly what are you afraid: You vertreibst him.

Love is not enough after all, compromise, tolerance to criticism and constant "work" in the relationship is one of them.

Best wishes

Thomas Schmidt

Enjoy it, your loves you. That such a young love someday to come apart again, is possible. Usually even likely, because you very quickly developed at this age - unfortunately, sometimes in different directions.

So do you not crazy, but enjoy it while it lasts. When it opens into a lifelong love, so much the better, but force you can not. If you too much in your relationship around "rummage" You spoil it more. In my experience, the constant problematization of relationships by the women most men sucks huge.

Men are simple - they just assets!

Well you seem to him to mean otherwise he would not vllt so much money for you to spend :) he needs just really have time, can be processed as a separation already been more difficult to be

You're with your impatience may again broken everything. He comes from a relationship, and just has to come to terms with the new circumstances. After all, he was with his ex liiert 2.5 years. He really seems much to lie to you. Let all mature in peace. Forced, impatience, stress, and put it under stress, is extremely counterproductive for the clarification of your, or his feelings for you. Good things take time. An old, but often very true saying. :-))

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