do what a new dog

Hey have a new dog of small is 3 months already have a dog Dr is 1 year There are two mini chihuahua little is quite shy and hides in permanently someone has an idea?

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Patience, patience and again I Geduld.Wenn get this straight, you have 2 dogs? Do you have the get together or was one already there? And it's about a dog or a dog? .Hab Even a fear dog and knows from experience that since only the time help kann.Aber patience please worth quite bestimmt.Gib him time and peace !!!

Bloh not force to Contact! Let him / her time. We had the same problem with our dog. If the dog gets used to the new environment is everything all by itself. Be patient! :)

Yes have 2 hinde and no the 1 jihrigen dog I had before her

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