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Hello;) How much you give for a golden retriever (for example) of the year? I mean: vet, insurance, fodder, etc. Has anyone of you a dog and can appreciate it? Thanks in advance :)

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Try going from 150 euros per month from, possibly a little more. So from 1800 to 2000 euros per year.

In addition, money should be set aside for veterinary emergencies permanently available. I would ansetzten for the very least 600 euros (we had prior to the acquisition of our first dog 1000 euros on a specially designed savings account) to which one still travels, month on something.

I have 2 Dobermans. Costs per year without major events in 2800 Euro.Also per dog in the best case in 1400 Euro.Aber there is another way. Last year alone I had veterinary costs due to illness of no less schreibe.4600 Euro.

Computing monthly with all 150 Euro thus you can expect a year with about 1800 Euros. Depending on what you feed etc.

We have the following monthly expenses:

  • Lining: 30, - Euro (but we Barfen also, which is cheap and saves medical costs)
  • Snacks: 5, - Euro
  • Liability: 6, - Euro
  • Health insurance: 38, - Euro
  • Tax: 5,50 Euro
  • Other reserves: 30, - Euro

I think 100-200 in comes out, depending on what you pay for everything.

I would have now been able to buy a new car :(

If nothing major pending at the vet are loosely month 150-300 € FOR 2 dogs in there ...

1 dog = 132 € dog tax

Dog owner liability insurance 80 €

Veterinarian without incident about 200 € (last year we had an intense ear-canal treatment for 14 days for complete with tablets + ointment 350 €)

decent food and a few treats about 800 €

On the safe side you are, if you can spend € 200 in addition to the cost of the dog per month ...

Then even a small amount can thereby thou place for special events aside ...

Namely, once an operation due - then you get sometimes vet bills in the 4-digit range ...

Dog control, dog liability insurance, if the dog is healthy, once a year, vaccination, worming, food. The costs are individually, taking each city, insurance and which feed you. As a Golden Retriever is large, you have to put the dog test. Enquire times. I did not need to store, when I had my Golden.

I have a American staffordshire (list dog) and pay for the € 300 tax in .. And a miniature bull terrier since I pay € 90. Then I Barfe, ie € 90 fodder costs per month. Then the normal veterinary happen. Should primarily be only vaccinations. Then the insurance company because I pay € 40 per dog also. Then the extra things, speak toys, collars, etc. So my one dog is not cheap. But it's worth it: D

Roughly a year:

€ 100 tax

€ 60 Liability

€ 200 veterinarian, including tick collar

€ 500 food and treats

€ 200 accessories, toys, new canvas, or luminous necklace, new blanket or something

So about 1060 € per year very roughly.

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