Do you have My Site (suggestions)

Do you have any?

Can we improve it?

thank you

(The site ) because my Father's house ^^

The best answer

So the font of your logos do not like. The site is generally kept my opinion to White (When you bootstrap is used, the more beautiful) The login fields do not have particularly good contrast to the rest of the page. In addition, clearer hover effects for the links in your navigation would be nice and also which for the links in the content. What is even more important, you need usually on your side an imprint (I believe is not always necessary, but it is wrong never)

LG MoVo99 :)

http: // uri = http% 3A% 2F% 2F% & CHARSE ...?

  • Not: video where I play, but: video where I play
  • Either: Wednesdays OR: Every week Wednesday
  • Contacts missing I think

The font of "PhoenixLP" I do not like (personal feeling). The color is yellow ok but a bit hard to read. The Top 10 PC games, since only 3? Why Let's Play and Let's test, which is not the same in the end? Otherwise I find your site and your idea well and wish you much success on your way !! :)

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