Do you know 1 room apartment in Dusseldorf to 300 € Warm rent / Student Apartment

Hi I'm looking for a room apartment in Dusseldorf so that there is only one price is 300 euros so I once heard there are 1-room apartments as student apartment that you pay each month, 300 euros or 400 euros, and the water, the current heating so long can stay on as but one wants to pay only 300 euros for you know one?

want an education for stylist begin in Dusseldorf you can give me advices how to enter the funded so everything ??

writes under my comments

Thanks Regards

The best answer

Why do not you wanted WG-in. There is also sometimes 1-room apartments. Or if that does not work, then look at Facebook if there is a group of apartments in Dusseldorf since. This works really well now.

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