Do you like the Sweet Minz EOS Lip Balm?

Hi all, I together you wanted to ask whether you can recommend in the direction Sweet Minz EOS Lip Balm or other with the right Namen.Eure XXCaro4503XX

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My sister has the lip balm EOS in Sweet Mint and she finds the total super. I have the Blueberry Acai, with which I am very pleased (I just think that the smell of this variety bother after some time). In general they maintain the lips total past and are relatively long.

I have 5 different and Sweet Mint is by far the best !! I can recommend the really: D

I say I lieebe him he is really very good, however, I find expensive but so you gotta get him has a little :)

Iam Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit, however, have to say that they do not usually well my lips. On the contrary: They dry my lips out even slightly. And at € 6 must not be .. I personal would recommend either Bephantol or Labello Lip Butter, but which are of The Body Shop is not bad either;)

If you have mint odor like I think it is you like good :)

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