Do you need all that?

I recently visited for a few days with my sister at her a little budgetary terms to extend the helping hand, because they you (of course) has right hand broken. In her laundry room grabbed me the bare horror. There stood: Vollwaschmittel, color detergents, detergents for black laundry, for delicates, fabric softeners, stain removers and everything imaginable stuff. According to my sister all this is important and necessary. I even wash at home with heavy-duty detergents, except wool and silk. For this I use a mild detergent. And now and then a fabric softener.

At the wash professionals among you: Is it all really necessary? asked Besser: Has Colorwaschmittel actually a visible and lasting effect?

The best answer

Just like you I wash: washing powder, mild detergent + softener and gall, good enough for me out completely. Dci halt, this Entfärbertücher I also

I always use only 1 / 4-1 / 2 cup of washing powder, not more.

All things affect the environment, including the water treatment plants because the ingredients poorly degradable sind.Ob Vollwaschmittel or Fluessigwaschmittel ... Your skin is delighted by the way also nicht..Ich myself use Waschbaelle and now and then washing soda or bleach O2

In Color- or delicate fabrics no optical brighteners are included. Therefore, it is advisable to use for color or darks. I myself have only full, fine and dark detergent. For this one thing for wool and silk. Softener I use no longer 20 years!

If someone wants to strengthen the detergent industry with excess inventory, if you please!

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