Does a long-distance relationship ... good?

I am 13 and know a sweet boy but lives zimlich far, we know only about Chatt, I do not know what works do sone distance relationship well?

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Distance relationships are nothing like a normal conventional relationship, however, stop the live farther away from each other, in principle, with the crucial difference the protagonists involved. How good then as a long distance relationship work, it depends on many factors and age also plays a not insignificant role. In your case, where you're only 13 years old, which looks more not so rosy but there is no reason to now equal contact with hats. The future will always show where the journey can go.

A chat relationship is not a right relationship for me. At least you should have seen in my life time. When his friend would you feel comfortable with the talk, watch with him cuddling, movies, to cry to him, via chat goes all creeps. That is no more than a friendship! : /

As long as you have talking points is all good. When the run out, the contact falls asleep slowly. Moreover, this is not a long-distance relationship but Penpals.

Bad works something. Especially at your age. For this coming ye only from the chat knows and thus build their bond can hardly

Just for your info ... If you have never seen him, it may as well be an old bag. Distance relationships are always sone thing does not last long, as a rule.

I know of no long distance relationship, which has held for more than 6 months and in the partner were both faithful ..: - /

I think you should only use the word "relationship" if you met his partner sometimes in real life: D

But she had ALREADY an advantage: If it lasts as long as until then you'll be old enough for even a serious relationship!

In such a young age rather no. And an adult pair must be abundant on the belt tear at a long-distance relationship.

Thanks guys my parents know him ... maybe not klapts yes thanks anyway!

No no no, and 13 certainly no

which will quickly go in the pants, if only because the old.


PS: Is pretty late, go to bed

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