Does anyone know a prophet named Habbakuk?

A good English friend sent me the following quotation from the Bible: "Habakkuk 2: 3 (BBE) For the vision is silent for the fixed time, and it is moving Quickly to the end, and it will not be false: even if it is slow in coming, go on waiting for it; Because it will certainly come, it will not be kept back. ".

But I know neither Habbakuk, yet I am well versed in the Bible.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible Habbakuk recognized only by "born again Christians" me?

The best answer

Habakkuk was a prophet and accepted by both Jews and Christians. His book can be found in the Old Testament (the Jewish Tanach) and belongs to the so-called minor prophets. Here you can read the book of Habakkuk directly:

I thank you for your detailed answers. ... So my search failed primarily probably due to the different spelling of the name in English and in German.

I will in no way involved here to a religious dispute, since I (proven: D) did not have the necessary skills for such a.

Hm, there are also non-resistant born Christian ...? Would be new to me ...

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