Does anyone know the history of Russian and plov borsch?

Hello :) seeking de History of plov and Bosch Czech (how and where it originated). A good answer would be very helpful)

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In your question, I can only give a general answer. Every nation has certain, mostly tremendously tasty dishes which owe their existence to the recycling of residues. In stews, paella, pizza, Irish stew and many other one has just thrown together everything reasonably fit and what they had something left. Lo and behold! In many cases, not only the leftovers had succeeded, but also born a new dish.

Plov I unfortunately do not know, but at borscht it should be run like this.

So we should thank the thrifty, rest ever judgmental housewives in the world on knees for the many delights that they have created! To 100% to be politically correct, I would of course not only mention the housewives, but also the house men and the house spirits who have not yet decided on a sex :-)

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