Does anyone know where you can order cheap material to make yourself from dog leashes?

I would like to make my dog ​​leashes itself, ne length that suits me and my dogs. For this I am looking for ropes that can be spliced. Where to find something to buy / order?

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I tinker me always of paracord or Biothane itself linen. The meter from Biothane stuff available and accessories such as carabiners and rings as rivets. Instructions for itself tinker because there are videos and Tube. And paracord you get to find at several stores on Google. As well as instructions for braiding of linen at you tube. Do me until the weekend 2 new lines made Biothane. If you are ordering then Biothane take Biothane grippy, which is softer and is better in your hand :-) enjoy tinkering

hi here you can get everything super cheap. paracord webbing, karabiner.was braids you want

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