Does chocolate dog blind?

Hello, the girlfriend of my father thought that dogs of chocolate would be blind. Is that correct? And if so, why?

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No, chocolate makes dogs possibly dead. Then they look but also nothing more.

Dogs respond to the theobromine in chocolate with strong symptoms of poisoning to death.

Theoretically happen. But practically rather not. From too much Zucvker dog can develop a diabetes and about polyneuropatien Evolving, whereby it can be blind. However comes rather not before that because it the theobromine in cocoa content of chocolate much faster kills than the sugar.

Theobromine is badly degraded, so be careful - several small stüdckchen schoki give the gefährlixche amount.

No, it will not go blind. But the theobromine in chocolate is toxic in dogs, pulse and blood pressure to rise very sharply, and the dogs then die of cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest

can dogs die by chocolate ... google: theobromine poisoning!

the smaller the dog, the higher the cocoa constituents -um so more dangerous!

dogs die from cardiac arrest. !

Yes that's true.

see http: // ...


see you at the:

http: // ...


Chocolate is in certain quantities (and are VERY small!) For dogs DEADLY !!!!

So NEVER chocolate feed it to dogs!

hm weird I know nen dog who has often been gemopst chocolate and goes pretty good

google "dog chocolate blind". First result:

http: // ...

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