Does God exist, and if so what is your evidence for this?

I set out to me and again the question there is God. And if so then where is the proof?

I myself think that as written in the Bible does not exist God. I would like to know how other people see and hear a reasonably logical proof. Clearly there is no clear evidence, but I would like to hear your evidence in God.

Mich Interested here in question actually mainly how other people think about it: D

And I want to please no answer lessen as: God is there you just have to be strong enough to believe him, etc ...

thank you in advance

The best answer

ok, are already quite a few answers here, but I definitely want to still give off my two cents ^^

So, first times my favorite argument: We live in a time when we talk about the world in which we live, to know an incredible amount. Scientific findings are today in a great abundance available, and again, we find other methods to develop such a wealth of knowledge. But still can not explain all the science. Much of the lake is still unexplored. Not even why we could yawn so far are scientifically justified.

This gives you then have to think - science has now the absoluteness. Who does not go with the theory of evolution is 100% compliant, is labeled as unworldly Science enemy. I then relied on people like Galileo, Da Vinci, Copernicus. At that time assumptions or rebutted were were extended in many cases. The geocentric view was refuted much you have learned in terms of medicine and mechanics. Copernicus did not know about cars, nuclear power, genetically modified corn. And yet there is our world without thinkers like him not in this form.

Now, if I believe in something that does not acknowledge the science of my time, I appeal to such people. As a free man, I can take it out to me to think beyond the known, with good reason. The people who built the pyramids and the sundial invented, must be located occurred very smart - that they were, but what about today, they can not foresee. why should it become so go other than them? I believe that there may be more. I see in God nothing to what we know contradicts. Only something that our system can not explain - something beyond the plate edge.

For evolutionary theory: The Bible does not contradict her. The Hebrew word for "day" can just be translated as "age", "aeon". In this case, determines the order of the created / developed things with evolutionary theory is largely in line (to be indicated on the Big Bang instead of creation - but that all this should be a coincidence here that falls to me even harder to believe than to a living author of the whole). That there was light before the heavenly bodies: Diffuse light. explainable from outside and by chemical reactions in the atmosphere. The science there that had to correct the effect over the millennia was - the Bible contained this sequence from the beginning.

It must also be easily recognized that the theory of evolution is lacking with regard to the people of the experimental evidence. No mater the development stage A could ever be unambiguously associated with a baby step B. If the pedigree of the people you look at all these levels, so far as it "is", is today one finds still gaps. That may be a nice theory, but I is not sufficient to prove that God does not exist. Furthermore striking how many copies of both Testaments could be found, all of which have emerged relatively ereignisnah (if one pays for to believe the events).

And considering how many Christians date their creed did not want to exchange for their lives! That must have had a reason. Why not revoked so many Christians, even under threat of death their faith? It would be much more convenient to submit to - and yet they prefer to go to their death. That belief so only what is psychologically unstable, who need an imaginary friend for cuddling - I see so clearly refuted. Personally, I have also experienced situations where I what was going on, no different than could be interpreted as an answer to prayer. Everything else would be ignorance.

Jah, long text. Clear, faith remains a matter of faith - but the arguments are good enough. Here you have my :)

This is my My personal opinion:

I maintain there is no God! So that's that! How am I supposed to believe in something that I can not see or touch?

I lean times far from the window and say that have arisen at a time when "gods", as the man himself certain things or procedures in nature has not been able to explain. Zb an eclipse. Today this wonderful phenomenon is well researched. But earlier it was not aware of natural phenomena and it was just someone "chosen" who could be held responsible. So I would argue it came to the various deities. Theoretically (it is for me stony) is the Bible even a better storybook. Sure, some of it may be that of "truth". But to stay on the subject, who was Jesus?

I think Jesus was a very good orator as a good illusionist. He understood the masses there to influence and possibly to manipulate so that they saw the "savior" in him. "After 3 days, rose from the dead" the translucent to be a perfect magic piece in my eyes. It is proven today that you can mentally kontrolieren far as this is not the heartbeat quasi measurable. And let's face it, David Kopper Field has gone through the Great Wall. Since a cave with NEM stone front is surely no obstacle. Why did he, however the cross has blank nail, has me so far undeveloped. Maybe it was just for show, I do not know. What I know is, this is due to gesesen for its time Highly intelligent Jesus. Was he someone from another world?

Again, this is my My personal opinion.

Euler counterproductive Voltaire: The Binome as proof of God. At the court of St. Petersburg the French Enlightenment thinker Voltaire proclaimed atheism and we challenged him to a dispute with Euler on, the Euler in the city an academy leitete.Vor the assembled court turned with a friendly face to the French: "Monsieur, it is ! (a + b) * (ab) = a ^ 2-b ^ 2, therefore God exists; you answer "Voltaire was speechless, was laughed and went headlong to France .// Brief discussion: A proof of God: Euler said to Voltaire: "(a + b) * (ab) = a ^ 2-b ^ 2.Folglich: God existiert.Widerlege" Voltaire capitulated and left Wien.Voltaire, the atheist, has kapituliert.Wagt it here an atheist , his turn to stand up and say: "stop! Voltaire is an atheist and philistine sees as offensichlich not the Tellerrand.Ich'm smarter than Voltaire and get this proof of God refute now: so, fits that goes like this ..." Well , no atheist has to date gewagt.Ich myself have faced many atheists so. Always with the same Resultat.Alle kapitulierten.Auch here, as we see, no one dares to Gegenbeweis.Somit is this proof of God today unwiedersprochen and thus have gültig.Ich this proof of God before atheistic physicists and theologians their effect getestet.Ich laid the evidence before and asked that this evidence to widerlegen.Ich said in addition that I could see from the response, if someone is honest or not. None of the participating in the discussion atheists, whether physicist, biologist or theologian ventured a Entgegnung.Bitte tell me this Gottesbeweis.Das would really interessieren.Ein man of your intellectual format, which has thus brought scientists to silence, can me tell definitely something more about it .// It was in November 1998.Nach which I had presented the proof of God from Euler asked me Milan: your question was now whether Euler is right when he says: "(a + b) * ( ab) = a ^ 2-b ^ 2.Folglich God exists "What you lead it from I answered: I'm interested in how you are honest and honest willst.Milan answered." pig "," stupidity "and similar flattery .In other words, Milan was flach.Schach-Matt.Nun wanted Adrian know about me: I'm interested in how your question is appropriate, determine if Milan is honest and be honest will.Ich replied: Milan has three ways to honestly reply: 1:. "I have no idea". 2: "Euler is wrong because ..." 3.:"Euler is right because ... "I asked him the question, is to assume that I a Answer weiß.Dass this "Euler's right because ..." will be, is not difficult to erraten.Meiner opinion is Milan unehrlich.Wenn so, then sits Milan in the case. "I have no idea" is difficult for him to say because he played opposite me superiority will.Er indeed clever and I blöd.So that Rollenspiel.Dies games you love so well and play it with dedication and perseverance. "Euler is wrong because ... "is for a mathematician difficult to say, because Euler in mathematics recognized capability ist.Auch is possible that my answer be a goer könnte.Da Milan yes wants to play superiority me, for safety reasons and" Euler is wrong because .. . "not in question." Euler's right because ... "is not certainly in question. Because he would have to undergo his Ansichen a general revision. If Milan were honest, he would have no problem to me but he antworten.Ist dishonest, then he gets trouble and is forced to somehow auszuweichen.Gelingt not, he needs me Beschimpfen.Er need me beschimpfen.Er has no other Wahl.Da is freedom of dishonest to Ende.Dass so, you's best bekannt.Zuerst tries Milan evade with "Euler's right <=> God exists" .Damit he has "(a + b) * (ab ) = a ^ 2-b ^ 2 "umgangen.Dass the dud knows Milan auch.Da I now do not accept it, he must, if dishonest, now beginnen.Und with scolding he did so and immediately began with" pig "followed by" stupidity "you .Siehst, so it goes to poor Unehrlichen.Sie want to mark superiority and thereby disqualify morally as intellektuell.Nun Adrian was flat and had no answer mehr.Aber attempts to refute Euler's proof of God, which has no the highly educated men gewagt.Obwohl they care to emphasize always resist, though there were, scientifically speaking, no proofs of God, and how easily one can refute all there, they (a + b) * capitulate but soothing before Euler and "(ab) = a ^ 2-b ^. // well, I have now my reasoning why Euler's proof of God is very probably true, not genannt.Ich have no intention that this would be tun.Ich here make up for that when one of the atheists has decided to honestly admit that he has no idea how he again put Euler's proof of God kann.Aber, Q: is there somewhere honest atheists?

I'm not religious gläubisch, but I believe that God is reflected in the existence of our surrounding nature. I mean, this force that holds the whole universe in their order, so that we know the laws of physics, to God are recyclable. In principle, it is this non-explainable instance unserers universe, our world, our lives. In my opinion, the versions of God described by people not actually that's what God now all accounts, but only a humanization.

I know but honestly do not really know how to best summarize my idea correctly in words ... is a difficult subject

Well, when I was quite small, I heard and read about love, and I thought, one that needs to be an invention of poets and writers to make their works and stories interesting. Because, love, what is that? I saw my parents whining, people who were ill to others who were mean or petty. And read romance novels, which had no point of contact with my life. Love? Hach, an artists' lie!

If you'll love (sincere and alone seinentwillen) another person, you will know God. And your God will be like no other, and no one is able to prove to you that it exists or does not exist.

I would advise you times the videos of Ing Michael Krass to watch (video: stop)... He set himself the same question and think through pure, through which you ask yourself is he comes slowly to your destination (result). We all follow the current stvo, but why? Why do not we just drive by the stvo 10-15-20 years ago? Because it does not correspond to the current state and therefore the latest stvo is followed. There are several examples with the phone software you always need the latest by the publisher. Consider this life in the same schema because if you're going to ask the question God you're still wondering how God agreed with us or what his messages were. We all know the 10 Commandments, but how can it be that it was of every prophet the same 10 commandments or it piece by piece FULL. I apologize in advance for my spelling as I do not live in Germany long

jepp, I believe in a supernatural power. but I myself do not need a proof. Anyone who wants proof should first say what is evidence of him. In fact there divided opinions. Http://\_%28Logik%29

Hello BenFrischauf,

some very good thoughts has here formulated, which I share Abundumzu.

About evidence which can not possibly be "man's work" the Bible could really write much. Of all the reasons here only a single argument:

Biblical prediction:

written finished 717 years before Jesus was born: Micah 5: 2 And you, O Bethlehem Ephratah, which is too small to eventually be among the thousands of Judah, out of you will go forth for Me, the ....

This is just one of many predictions, where you could recognize Jesus as the Messiah and can.

One other examples:


*** Gm Cape. 9 p 125-126, para. 20 prophecies that have been fulfilled

In the sixth century BC. U. Z. was Daniel, another prophet, inspired during the exile of the Jews in Babylon, recorded some remarkable visions in which the future course of world events was predicted. In a vision, Daniel describes several emblematic animals that succeed each other on the world stage. An angel explained that the animals represent the march of world powers of that time. With respect to two animals he says: "The ram which you saw, that had the two horns, stands for the kings of Media and Persia. And the hairy he-goat stands for the king of Greece; and as for the great horn that was between its eyes, it stands for the first king. And that one had been broken, so that stood in his place finally four: There are four kingdoms from his nation that will stand up, but not with his power "(Daniel 8: 20-22).

This prophetic preview fulfilled exactly. The Babylonian Empire was overthrown by Medo-Persia, which had to give way 200 years later the Greek world power. The Greek Empire was led by Alexander the Great (the "big horn"). But after Alexander's death his generals fought among themselves for power, and the vast empire eventually broke up into four smaller kingdoms, "four kingdoms".

In Daniel chapter 7 a similar vision is described in which a view is thrown into the future. The Babylonian world power is represented by a lion, the Persian by a bear and the Greek by a leopard with four heads and four wings on its back. Then Daniel sees another wild beast, "fearsome and terrible and unusually strong. , ., And it had ten horns "(Daniel 7: 2-7). This fourth wild beast represented the mighty Roman Empire, the development of which, about three centuries after Daniel had recorded this prophecy began.

About Rome prophesied the angel: "As for the fourth beast, there is a fourth kingdom that will eventually be on the earth, which will be different from all the other kingdoms; and it shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down and crush them "(Daniel 7:23). HG Wells wrote in his work The history of our world.. "This new power, this Roman Empire, located in the second and first centuries BC to rule the Western world soared, was in many ways a different nature than any of the great empires that there had been until then in the civilized world. "7 it was initially a republic and then a monarchy. Unlike previous empires it has not returned to a conqueror but had grown continuously over the centuries. There was much longer and ruled over a far larger area than any previous empire.

What it had but with the ten horns of the huge animal to be? The angel said, "And as for the ten horns, out of that kingdom shall arise ten kings; and yet another will rise up after them, and he himself will be different from the first, and three kings he will humiliate "(Daniel 7:24). How it filled?

. As in the fifth century BCE began the decline of the Roman Empire, it was not immediately replaced by another world power, but disintegrated into several kingdoms - "ten kings". Finally, the British Empire turned off the three rivals Spain, France and the Netherlands, making it the predominant world power. So humbled the last Ascended 'Horn' actually "three kings".

Quote end

Some claimed so, the Bible book of Daniel was written later. All these claims were refuted professionally.

Incidentally, it has been received by historians that Alexander the Great was demonstrated the biblical passage in which fulfilled one of the biblical predictions, being alone.

These are just a few predictions of -man speaks of strength around 3400 contained in the Bible predictions. All this came true today arrived flawlessly.

People can be such a thing does not come up.

Best regards

Jens Peter

I personally think that it has anything there, this somewhat but may not necessarily God. I think that many miracles that have happened in the past, due to certain phenomena or are simply not happened, but were simply altered by the oral traditions. In a nutshell: I think prop nothing special find it but also completely okay, the other to believe in something..

I would advise you times the videos of Ing Michael Krass to watch (video: stop)... He set himself the same question and think through pure, through which you ask yourself is he comes slowly to your destination (result). We all follow the current stvo, but why? Why do not we just drive by the stvo 10-15-20 years ago? Because it does not correspond to the current state and therefore the latest stvo is followed. There are several examples with the phone software you always need the latest by the publisher. Consider this life in the same schema because if you're going to ask the question God you're still wondering how God agreed with us or what his messages were. We all know the 10 Commandments, but how can it be that it was of every prophet the same 10 commandments or it piece by piece FULL. I apologize in advance for my spelling as I do not live in Germany long. fg

formerly I believed dead finish is dead! then my dad was dying, and since I think differently! my father was no longer with fully conscious! but he always grabbed direction sky and clasped his hands for prayer! the death had my father actually many fold his face as ironed only at the end was a fold cross from! I've always prayed! dear god let me until the last breath in my papa be but please do not last because I did not feel strong enough! eventually we took turns going out a smoke! as I have just left room is my papa died! I was heard! I was going to but not the last breath

I think that there is God, because I was brought up that way since the beginning. And i I find this attitude good. I pray every night and I'm fine. Both my grandma died and then I always talk to them. I have often already desired things, that everything goes well, etc. are mostly came true. Of course, no one can prove it, that God really exists, but everyone has a different opinion about it.

Best regards.

Some people do not need proof to believe in God. Some people do not need evidence to believe that your partner is faithful. Some people need no evidence to believe that the euro is good for Europe.

There are so many things we simply believe without proof. How can you blame the people to believe in a God?

The idea of ​​the proof comes from science. A painter would a musician does not apply to paint his music.

Faith is something other than knowledge, which is why the science is not satisfied with Glaubhaftem but provides evidence or calls ...

If one would want to look at the search for the proof of the existence of God as a scientific branch, then the process would not yet complete, since there is no proof, but so far no evidence to the contrary was provided ...

In the theory of relativity, it behaves similarly, because here so far no proof has been rendered or the science at this stage can not exclude whether, at some point perhaps can produce as much energy from a handful of desert sand, which represents a certain mass, that all energy worries vanish into thin air ...

(E = mc² / energy = mass x Lichtgeschwindigkeit²)

Ultimately, 'think' I that the search for the proof of the existence of God will be as fruitless to try to be like trying to spin gold from straw or the further exploration of Gottesteilchens (Higgs) could destroy the entire universe:

http: // ...

Since I believe rather in the Easter Bunny ... or something ... ;-) ...

There is no evidence for the existence of God. All "proofs of God" that have been introduced in the course of time, have been refuted.

there God

I do not believe it. I think that you should always stick to the best explanation, or the theory that is most appropriate for a particular purpose. And I see it so that we (explanation for the origin of the universe, justification for ethics etc.) have theories for all purposes, which can satisfy the hypothesis "God" that meet these purposes better.

So why should I believe in God? For me he is just an unnecessary and unproven assumption.

Faith has little to do with logic, but is comparable to that of inner knowing. Inner Connection is achieved through experience and knowledge, which you do in the course of his life. I bring always enjoy the hot stove as an example to the game because my daughter had been a typical case and then I always have this in mind.

Experience 'hot' and the knowledge of 'pain' you will then know if you have experienced this even after having previously believed only the words and declarations of the parents. Learning by doing, in other words. You try it out for yourself and embarks on projects to gain self-knowledge ...

So it is with God. One can do with him only experiences when one gets involved in it, when embarking on when embarking on the spiritual ...

Just waiting for any evidence, would you then never know what 'hot' and 'pain' means and how this feels ....

As long as one has not gained the recognition that 'hot' and 'pain' can not be found on the outside, but in itself (otherwise you could not have these experiences, the panel may be set too hot), you will also find no evidence for / against God, because this is a hidden even ....

The finding evidence may take years, but one has also usually a lot of time ... But it's worth it, because you also learn a lot about yourself and of his own depth and awakened among others slumbering abilities and greatly expands his consciousness .. ,

Greeting Fantho

I think that there is a God. Because even in many situations there were moments when I think it can only have been God. For example, when I was dead sad because of my high blood sugar levels and after every damn meal, the blood glucose value went up to 200 or greater. I myself had no hope. I had long since given up. Finally, I had to do a glucose test and I was like, come tell the answer. I sure eh diabetes. And what? I was asked into the office and got the result of the glucose test. And the result was, I'm not Diabetic. Blood glucose values ​​were all in the green zone, which of course I found quite funny. I was really surprised, because after every meal the blood glucose value went up to 200 or greater. Only now do not appear. Of course I was very happy about it. But now are already one and a half months have passed and the blood glucose level rises again after every damn food to over 200. I have to unfortunately again be tested. But perhaps it is worthwhile not to give up hope. God will certainly help me. but I myself must also what help because I have about 20 kilos overweight. Sure it's what happens. And if I have lost over 20 kilos, I hope that the blood values ​​are all back in the green area and I'm completely healed and can lead a happy and normal life. And otherwise, when I was dead sad again, but what I do not want to talk, there was another moment where I think it can only have been God. And thus it is a proof that there is God for me. There is God. He is always and everywhere in the world. We are not alone.

I believe in God and in Jesus, I've mainly due to 2 very simple wisdoms namely:

1. Check and good reserve.

I've noticed that every piece of information, it is value to be tested before they somehow my influences behavior.

2. A tree you recognize by its fruits.

I think the fruits are the deeds of men meant and with the tree, the thoughts that preceded the action, where they originate. One who knows the truth is, act differently as one of the go astray. The truth brings forth good, falsehood brings only difficulties, every time I lied was confirmed to me. Well and I am constantly amazed at the fruits of my brothers at atheists I find that simply not on.

I just do not see any possibility for the emergence of man as God created us. How should a system of laws driven by a power generating unpersöhnlichen My personal beings?

Moreover, I have never met an atheist does not believe in the theory of evolution and that I find simply illogical.

If you once had an experience with the goddess, then you will know it. Eris does not prove and even if you could, so that evidence would be a ridiculous imitation their size.

To say would primarily still the one God can not perceive correctly when the third eye and the ears are still sealed. One need necessarily a competent master of a seal these breaks, which gives a first-hand experience of God. There are different forms to meet God. The divine light and the divine sound are latent in all of us. This starts with simple tones, the so-called tinnitus.

"At the initiation of the truth seeker receives a conscious connection with the Holy Word, the power of God that is revealed in the form of light and sound on and off the vibrating movement in the depths of the sea of ​​love, which is God, is clear. He gets an immediate experience the power and the spirit of God and begins to see the light of God and to hear the music of the spheres, which everywhere, both inside and outside the room, incessantly heard, because there is no place where it is not.

After initiation into the Light and Sound of God principle can also be seen in his radiant form. He is also Red and answer, but must they really become one with Him. And yes, of course that is then very exhilarating, it is then above all, indescribable.

Shamas Tabrez says:

If I am to tell the story about the beloved, denied my pen and the paper tears.

Hi, I have read many Books and my opinion it is very difficult to explain because otherwise catch the people to discuss .. my opinion, and many other people, it is wrong if you think god is in heaven or something .. under god is much misunderstood .. because people who pray for help and then get nothing but accuse the god .. it is itself a part of god and everyone can human AREAS everything he wants only one must choose his thoughts properly and think positive .. well it is genuine schwesr to explain it if you're really interested look for the movie the Secret in German ... which is also available in youtube completely. and you read a book from http: // ...

Have fun

Gott offenbart sich in erster Linie den Gläubigen, nicht den Zweiflern und Leugnern. Es ist Gottes Wille, daß der Mensch sich nicht däumchendrehend in der Hängematte von Gott mit Beweisen seiner Existenz bedienen lässt. Gott ist Gott! Viele Ungläubige argumentieren aber gegenüber den Christen auf diese Weise, daß sie es nicht beweisen können woran sie glauben. Alles wäre nur Fiktion und Einbildung und sämtliche Fakten der Vernunft und Wissenschaft sprechen gegen einen Gott. Christen sind in der Beweispflicht! Was die Bibel von den Gläubigen erwartet, ist aber kein Beweis gegenüber Atheisten, sondern sie sollen Zeugnisse der Hoffnung geben. Sich also selbst als Zeuge und Zeugnis der Liebe und Gnade Gottes ausweisen. Und zwar durch geglaubte und erlebte Erfahrungen in ihrem persönlichen Leben.

Das ist sicherlich subjektiver Natur und ist für Zweifler keine Indikation für Wahrheit, aber das muss uns nicht belasten, denn die Wahrheit ist eine Person (Johannes 14,6) und Glaube auch keine fromme Schablone, sondern eine durch und durch persönliche Angelegenheit. Wenn du also erfahren willst was dir hier wichtig scheint (?), dann musst du dich persönlich darauf einlassen (Bibel lesen, mit Christen persönlich reden und beten) und kaum öffentlich nach Beweisen rufen. Da wird es nur Endlos-Diskussionen geben mit denen du letztlich nichts anfangen kannst. All the best.

War ja klar, dass bei der Fragestellung wieder alle Missionierer aus ihren Löchern gekrochen kommen...

Ich persönlich bin Atheistin in dem Sinne, dass ich nicht an eine bestimmte Religion glaube, an Gott aber schon.

Beweise dafür im strengen Sinn gibt es wohl nicht (ich habe noch keinen brennenden Busch in der Wüste gesehen, wobei ich erstens noch nie in einer Wüste war und zweitens annehme, dass Büsche sich bei den dortigen Temperaturen gerne selbst entzünden können),

es sollte aber doch Beweis genug sein, dass die Erde trotz unserer ständigen Bemühungen, sie (und uns selbst) zu zerstören, immer noch ziemlich gut funktioniert.

In diesem Sinne... :)

Ich stelle mir hin und wieder die frage gibt es Gott.

Das Göttliche gibt es ohne jeden Zweifel.

Und wenn ja wo ist dann der beweis?

Du meinst wahrscheinlich den Beweis für das theistische Gottesbild. Das theistische Gottesbild ist wohl ziemlicher unbrauchbar und natürlich auch nicht beweisbar. Überhaupt ist kein Gottesbild beweisbar. Es sind Theorien, bei denen es um nicht weniger als das Ganze geht. Diese Theorien versuchen dieser "Sache" bestimmte Eigenschaften zuzuordnen. Deshalb drückt sich in Gottesbildern die Denkweise der Menschen aus und ihr Weltbild und ist deshalb natürlich einem ständigen Entwicklungsprozess unterzogen.

Das Göttliche selbst hingegen ist das Konstrukt, das die Theorien zu beschreiben suchen. Ob das Göttliche ein philosophischer Begriff, ein mentales Phänomen oder die innere Struktur der Welt ist, kann man nicht unbedingt sagen. Aber in jedem Fall ist es existent. Mindestens eben als philosophisches Konstrukt mit einer gigantischen historischen Reichweite.

Lt. der Bibel gibt es viele (falsche) "Götter", viele Mächtige. Die Frage ist: gibt es einen allmächtigen, hoch intelligenten, genialen Schöpfer des Universums mit allen Erscheinungsformen des Lebens auf dem Planeten Erde?

Wenn du die Gesetze der Logik in Betracht ziehst, dann gibt es keine Wirkung ohne eine Ursache.

Betrachte dir die Natur jetzt im Frühling. Aus winzig kleinen Samenkörnern, die über Winter in der Erde überlebt haben, spriest neues Leben. Gemäß der genetischen Programmierung entwickeln sich neue Triebe, die neue Gräser sprossen lassen, die ihrerseits "Früchte" (Samenkörner) tragen, so daß aus einem Getreidehalm theoretisch Millionen andere werden können, im Laufe der Zeit.

Für die Jungtiere ist bestens gesorgt: ein Rehkitzchen hat zunächst weiße Flecken im Fell, so daß es sich gut tarnen kann und nicht so leicht auffällt. Seine Mutter stellt ihm mit ihrer Milch die iedeale Nahrung zur Verfügung - wie sollte ein unvernünftiges Tier dazu in der Lage sein, wenn das nicht durch eine hohe Intelligenz im voraus "programmiert" wird.

Also vor 3 Jahren hatte ich mal einen Unfall mit dem Fahrrad mit einem Auto an einer großen Kreuzung. und ich hatte, wie immer, keinen Helm auf. Und ca. 20 sekunden bevor ich (bei grün) über die straße fahren wollte, bekam ich eine Art "Eingabe" bei der ich dachte "yo shit man du hast keinen helm auf, setz dir mal deine Kapuzen auf" (hatte 2 Jacken übereinander an, mit jeweil dick gefütterter Kapuze). das komische: Ich hatte seit jahren keinen Helm auf und es war mir auch immer egal. Jedenfalls lag ich 20 sek später auf der Straße, ich bin mit dem Kopf aufgeprallt und kam ins krankenhaus. no idea. aber hätte ich diesen dicken schutz nicht gehabt, wär vielleicht schlimmeres passiert. seitdem glaube ich irgendwie an gott

Man kann nicht wissen das es ihn gibt ! Man kann nur daran glauben, und wenn man Sachen glaubt heisst das, dass es über unseren Verstand geht ( wir verstehen es nicht oder nicht vorstellbar) Die Frage ist nur glaubst du an ihn oder nicht !

Gott und Glauben ist eine Einheit! Mit beweisen,das ist etwas weltliches kommst net weiter.Dir kann es plausibel erscheinen,wahrscheinlich,möglich.Da Du zweifelst,vergleichst,würde Dir ein Kirchenmann eine Eingebung machen und ich sage:Für Dich gibt es Gott wohl nicht.Liebe Grüße.

Hallo BenFrischauf

Deine Frage nach der Existenz Gottes und den Beweisen dafür wird immer wieder neu gestellt. Dabei ist das eigentlich gar keine Frage, „weil das,“ - so argumentiert die Bibel - „was man von Gott erkennen kann, unter ihnen [den Menschen] offenbar ist, denn Gott hat es ihnen offenbar gemacht. Denn seine unsichtbaren Eigenschaften werden seit Erschaffung der Welt deutlich gesehen, da sie durch die gemachten Dinge wahrgenommen werden , ja seine ewig währende Macht und Göttlichkeit, so dass sie [die Menschen] unentschuldbar sind.“ (Römer 1:19, 20)

Beweise überzeugen allerdings nur jemanden, der sie zu würdigen weiß!

So ist es beispielsweise eine über Jahrtausende bewiesene Tatsache, dass Waffen keinen Frieden schaffen. Jeder Mensch, der ein wenig Erfahrung hat und darüber nachdenkt, weiß das und kann das sogar erklären. Dennoch weigert sich „die Welt“ beharrlich solche Beweise zu würdigen und folgerichtige Schlüsse daraus zu ziehen.

Wer dagegen die Augen aufmacht, findet buchstäblich überall Beweise für einen weisen Schöpfer.

Es ist daher keinesfalls so, wie oft unterstellt wird, dass man einfach blind glauben müsse, wenn man Gott als Realität versteht. Auch die Vorstellung, der Glaube müsse ohne Beweise auskommen, ist falsch. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall - und deshalb definiert Gottes Wort den Glaube - und zwar den Glauben von dem die Bibel spricht - als „den offenkundigen Erweis von Wirklichkeiten, obwohl man sie nicht sieht“ (Hebräer 11:1). Eine andere Übersetzung drückt es so aus: „ Der Glaube . , , ist das Überzeugtsein von Tatsachen, die nicht mit bloßem Auge sichtbar sind(Das Buch).

Ein einfaches Beispiel: Funkwellen kann man nicht sehen, aber niemand wird ihre Existenz bezweifeln, weil sie — wie etwa beim Handy — zur Informationsübertragung verwendet werden. Daher ist die Ausrede, „ich glaube nur, was ich sehe“ eine leere Phrase.

Oder ein anderes Argument aus der Bibel: „Natürlich wird jedes Haus von jemandem errichtet, doch der, der alle Dinge errichtet hat, ist Gott“ (Hebräer 3:4). Als Vergleich zwar oft belächelt, aber eine bestechende Logik - für jeden, der sie zu würdigen weiß. Von nichts kommt nämlich nichts.

Denkt man beispielsweise über die präzise Ordnung im Universum nach, über den Ursprung des Lebens oder den Aufbau des menschlichen Gehirns, übrigens eines der komplexesten Gebildes auf der Erde, dann drängt sich einem geradezu der Schluss auf, dass es etwas sehr viel Höheres als den Menschen geben muss.

Dennoch kann man Gott nur begrenzt durch seine Schöpfungswerke kennen lernen. Gottesbeweise in der Schöpfung wahrzunehmen ist etwa so, als würde man Schritte hinter einer Tür hören. Man weiß, dass da jemand ist, aber man weiß nicht wer. Will man das herausfinden, muss man die Tür aufmachen. Ähnlich ist es, wenn man wissen will, wer genau hinter der Schöpfung steht.

Und tatsächlich ist die Bibel eine Tür, die zur Erkenntnis Gottes führt. Öffnet man diese Tür und befasst sich bspw. mit einigen detaillierten Prophezeiungen und ihrer Erfüllung, stößt man auf Beweise für die Existenz Gottes. Mehr noch: Dadurch, dass die Bibel berichtet, wie Gott mit Menschen gehandelt hat, zeichnet sie ein Bild von der Persönlichkeit dessen, der unsere Schöpfer ist.

Vorausgesetzt man ist gewillt die Beweise entsprechend ihres Wertes zu würdigen. Vorbehaltslos und ehrlich.

Und um die Würdigung solcher Fakten geht es auch hier:


Das also sind für mich einige der Gründe, warum ich davon überzeugt bin, dass ein allmächtiger Gott eine Realität ist.

Und vielleicht sind das sogar brauchbare Anregungen für Dich

All the best

Gibt es Gott

Darauf gibt es keine allgemeingültige Antwort.

Meine persönliche Antwort lautet: Ja.

Wenn ja, was ist euer beweis dafür ?

  1. Es gibt keinen Beweis.
  2. Deshalb heißt es ja "Glaube" und nicht "Gewissheit" .
  3. Trotzdem gibt es immer wieder Versuche, die Existenz Gottes mit Hilfe menschlicher Vernunft zu beweisen.
  4. Sehr bekannt sind a) der ontologische Gottesbeweis, b) der kosmologische Gottesbeweis, c) der teleologische Gottesbeweis, d) die Pascal'sche Wette.
  5. Sämtliche "Gottesbeweise" sind jedoch sehr umstritten. Näheres kannst du hier nachlesen:

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