Does he love as well or I'm really just a good friend for him?

So my question is yes above. My girlfriends tell everyone that it determines is in love with me. I'm there but not so sure, because he said that I am a good friend to him. There are already a few signs that he is in me: 1. He looks at me often. 2. If he makes a joke he always looks if I laughed too 3. My friends say that he looks and looks at me behind her. I know that he was ever in love with me.

Already you Thank you.

The best answer

If you are already a good friend, then you have to figure out the best chance if the boy also wants more of you. How old is he? Boys are often "treatment later" than girls and they often are on the line. So if he is the same age, would not think that he could take the first step) to spend experiments somewhat time with him, maybe some of you have a common hobby or you ask him again if he wants to go to the movies with you because du evening reluctant want to go home alone ....... after a while, it will be seen already.

Honestly, no one can judge here. Your girlfriends have the advantage of seeing him to can-we do not unfortunately. Therefore, it is impossible to what reliable to say. I can give you a tip: do but a few overtures, or speak it directly depends.

Do you spend too many thoughts and enjoy spending time with him. Then you'll see what happens.

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