Does he play with me or he thinks it only though he has a girlfriend?

Well over a year since my peeps a boy (Martin) on from my school and is always close to me (blushes, smiles always, trying to be cool). A few days ago he took me then unexpectedly contacted and we have even telephoned .. And he has me really a lot of compliments (that I would be nice would be nice, great figure blah) made and always asked if I have a friend .. And somehow wants to make her jealous with his girlfriend (the have been together for about 2 months before that he had no girlfriend) .. well, he does not seem to be so enthusiastic about his girlfriend that make real anything together at school or otherwise of me not even talk to each other and he said also to a classmate that he would not love and even if Martin and his girlfriend standing together time he looks at me always grinning and not talking with the girlfriend, they look at me so keeps sour and arrogant to .. I've been 2 years in love with Martin, but somehow I do not know whether the now playing with me or with his girlfriend .. does anyone have some good advice: |

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Believe me in such a Situazion I am also unfortunately ... I have the feeling that he is not playing with you he ehr interest in you instead of his girlfriend. The best thing you can do is go .. with the low sag in you feelings for him feel about and then you discuss it. Man needs to have a lot of courage but do not worry that you'll have to pack :) wish you good luck, be brave!

No matter how a crush You are in this Martin and could not care less what he compliments so everything makes you and what else he so all hires to impress you, what counts is the fact that this Martin currently has a girlfriend. As, however well or how badly this relationship runs ultimately, that's not your problem, and apparently it is still so good, that the two have not yet been separated to date. So it would be wise to not entirely out of hand that this Martin is a little rascal and not so serious with you thinks as You your hopes of him.

Men with girlfriend are taboo!

If he does not play, then he should make up with his girlfriend!

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