Does it depend on the age?

Hey everybody! So I wanted to ask whether it is important for boys / men as old the girl / woman is the time ?! Because we are indeed rather to older models as 2-5 years older, men are also more likely to older or younger? (Refers to the age 13-25) In addition, I am in appearance and mental significantly older than me in real am and have also largely to do with older :)

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I think it depends on the spiritual and not the physical maturity to. We guys are on girls who are our closest maturity. That is the average we would have on younger are, but there are also precocious boys ... And if a boy is very responsible, much more than his friends, then he is usually even further and is only by education and by social constraints limited in its social environment. The still is then rather older

Mir is personal matter! My girlfriend, for example, a year older like me. It must match only.

Characteristic many guys who stand on older. Hab example with my 22 years ne Sexbeziehung with NEM 17-year-old, but works perfectly and what others think about it does not interest me ..

ie 13 and 25 I find funny mainly because you with 13 a child bo

rather younger.

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